Too much of a good thing

It is true that you can have too much of a good thing. Chocolate is definitely among my good things, but too much adds to my waistline. Wine is also on my list, and over consumption has its obvious harmful results. Use a glass please, not the whole bottle (or box!).

The other night I experimented with a new recipe. But I was also drinking wine when I put it together. The result? I nearly ruined the Chipotle Lime Cauliflower Steaks. I almost, no, I did choke it was so hot. I brought the leftovers to Susan and even she said it was hot. She is a Texas girl and loves it spicy, so when she says it’s hot, it’s HOT! I cut the amount of cauliflower in half, but then carried on with the full measure of spice. Oops. Click here for the recipe. I’ll try it again with half as much spice, and maybe less wine too.

How do we prevent going overboard with the good things? I mean, it’s fun to have fun! I love goofing off and relaxing. I love time at the beach, time with good friends. This summer has been the least productive summer in years, unless you count puzzling. I am close to completing my third jigsaw puzzle (not to brag, but they were each like 1000 pieces). For you Northerners, we in Florida hibernate in the summer so we don’t melt into a puddle, so we thrive on such indoor activities.

But when the good things take over our ability to be responsible, it’s not such a good thing. Children protest when it’s time to put away their toys and go to bed. As adults, hopefully we have the self discipline to put ourselves to bed when it’s time. Sometimes I wish I had a parent to nudge me, to say, hey, it’s time for bed…you need your beauty sleep.

Lucky for me that I do have that, and you may have it as well – when you have a connection with God. My Creator nudges me and reminds me, “Go on, that’s enough for today. Time to rest.” And I am always so grateful. A lot can happen in a day. I am driven to accomplish everything on my to-do list, but my batteries need to recharge. Beauty sleep has more to do with what’s going on inside my heart than on my face. Grouchy just isn’t attractive at all. There are too many opportunities to impact those around me, and they need grace, not grumpiness.

Voltaire said, “The best is the enemy of the good.” He was right.

So the challenge for this post is this: what “best” things do you need more of – like sleep? And what good things do you need to cut back on – like chipotle pepper?

Thanks for reading…get enough beauty sleep…until next time!


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