I hate green texts…

It’s overwhelming really. The countless ways we can spend our time, our energy, our dollars. The thing that makes choosing so hard is that we have limited amounts of these things. If we didn’t have limits, life would be easy – we could do EVERYTHING!

Speaking of limits, for only $5 a month, I have control over my daughter’s cell phone – her minutes and her hours (it can shut down at bedtime) but mainly, her data. If she uses her limit, it’s all gone until the following month. Before you go feeling all sorry for her, remember there is free wi-fi just about everywhere, so the tragedy isn’t so tragic ok?

She agreed to share our conversation when she voiced her unhappiness over this new limit. My favorite line is her response, “I hate green texts.” 

The color preference of one’s text messages? Really? This should be a priority in my budget? More than other necessities? Um, no. 

Everyone has to decide for themselves. What are MY priorities? Giving back to God, who ultimately provides everything. Having an emergency fund. Saving for a vacation or a new car. The color of text messages? Not even on the list, sorry.

What does God teach us about this? In Ecclesiastes it says that “Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.” Ouch. 

And so it begins, the unspoiling of the spoiled. And that includes me. Money and things do NOT buy happiness. There are people with great wealth who are miserable. There are people in poverty that are joyful and content. 

So what’s the answer? Gratitude. And making good choices. God is certainly not limited – he provides everything we need. I guess the difference is knowing what is needed, and what is wanted. 

As you look over your budget, or whatever spending plan you make, how do you decide? Reply with some solutions you use in living within your limits. Or whatever crazy notion a teen in your life has decided is critical to breathing, like blue text messages.

Thanks for reading…until next time…


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