How is your vrksasana?

As I mentioned in my last post, I love the practice of yoga. I don’t necessarily love the weirdness that can sometimes accompany an instructor. I don’t do chanting and all that. But the stretching and the breathing and developing my strength is perfect for me.

One of the foundations for a good yoga practice is to honor your body. One teacher that I sit under regularly says, “You know yourself – do what works for you.” She also says, “Each day is different – and even each side is different.” How long you can hold a tree pose on the left is not necessarily how long you can hold it on the right.

This whole concept of honoring and accepting and balancing is so beautiful. My tendency is to push myself – and others. To force things to happen the way I think they ought to. Letting things unfold naturally is, quite frankly, annoying. I want to get it done!

Ahhh…but it’s so much better and more peaceful to let things unfold. To not push and not force. To allow God to work things out.

Isn’t that what Jesus taught?

It’s easier to do when I just breathe. Honor the day and where I find myself. If I am tired, it’s ok to get extra rest. If I am lonely, it’s ok to phone a friend and make a plan. If I don’t feel like cleaning, well, I can postpone it but not indefinitely! Some things just need to get done whether you feel like doing them or not.

But I do not need to push myself. I will get where I need to be. I don’t need to push others, because they also will get where they need to be. And how do I even know what that is?

I am so grateful for learning these lessons.

How do you stay balanced? How do you honor your limitations? I’d love to hear….

Thanks for reading, until next time~


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