Happily Single….

So here it is. Valentine’s Day and all the pink and red and hearts everywhere. Some call it SAD – Single Awareness Day. While that may be true for some, I refuse to be sad today!
Just like anything else that comes our way, we can decide how we want to handle it. I try to keep a positive outlook, so what are the GREAT things about being single on this Hallmark occasion?

1- Chocolate abounds. Buy some for yourself. If you wait until tomorrow, it will all be marked down!

2- No pressure. I don’t have to wonder where/how/who I will be celebrating this day with. Or what to wear. Or how “special” it will be. How freeing is that?

3- Rich in opportunity. This IS a day to celebrate love, and my life is full of people that I care for. Children, parents, siblings, friends… you’ve probably missed the whole Hallmark stampede by now, so just send a text or maybe actually call them and let them know they are loved.

4- Celebrate YOU! What makes you feel loved? Is it flowers? Get yourself some. A little pampering? Get a massage or a pedicure. Or maybe you’ve been wanting a new outfit. Go get it! Maybe it’s just a relaxing afternoon with a good book. Hopefully you know what makes your heart full, so indulge a little.

5- Be smart with your heart. Don’t watch some sappy romance chick flick where you’ll just end up in tears. C’mon. It’s a movie. We know that real life doesn’t work like that? Why set yourself up for that kind of misery. Watch a comedy for your own good.

6- Know you are loved. Remind yourself how much you are loved by God. He is the best actually. He never lies, never cheats, never forgets us, is never too busy to listen, never withholds good things, never lets us down, never leaves us! He cares about the littlest things and can handle all of our stuff. Even the emotional nonsense that we girls are prone to. Especially on Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for reading…til next time,


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