The days go by so fast, then weeks and months and years. And then holy cow, where did it all go? This is not an original thought, but one that is hitting me hard this week.

My friend Pat died last week. It wasn’t completely unexpected, but that does not take the sting out of a life cut short. He was in his early 50’s and had a cancer that could not be beat, try as he did.

Someone gave he and his wife Christine some restaurant gift cards in March. They never got a chance to use them.

The dinner Pat didn’t enjoy. The sunset on the beach that was postponed. The trip they put off for whatever reason. All the things that make life so full. For him, it doesn’t matter now. He’s hanging out with Jesus and having a perfectly peaceful time, so that part is comforting.

For those closest, like Christine, the loss is heartbreaking. She is choosing to focus
on all the good things, the memories they DID make, the time they DID have. She is a brave, brave soul who did everything she could do to honor him right until the end. They truly loved one other – their relationship was not perfect but it was remarkable, envied by many, myself included.

Pat’s adult son Joey has been in town, so and he and Christine dined out with the gift cards this week. The gift did not go to waste. I’m sure Pat was the topic of conversation throughout their evening as he will continue to be. 

There is a part of me that is angry that this amazing couple didn’t get more time together. I understand that none of us is promised tomorrow. For those who have faith, we know this world is not the final destination anyway. When we lose someone we love, it brings fresh perspective to my never ending to-do list.

Parks ‘n Rec – one of my Netflix favorites – has an episode featuring a religious group that believes the world is coming to an end. And every time that it doesn’t happen, they go back and recalculate, and make a new date. They gather each time to celebrate and in the process, they spend money on silly things. The repeated joke is “Will you take a check?” It spurs a young couple to drive to the Grand Canyon before it’s too late. The problem is their car won’t make it that distance, so she steals her dad’s car to get there.

I am not condoning crime and poor financial decisions, but that we make the most of what is right in front of us. Don’t put it off. Mail the card, make the call, take the trip, spend the time with the ones you love. Make your own bucket list and start doing the things! Not someday…but today!

Thanks for reading, and for keeping Pat’s family in your prayers…
Til next time,


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