Freedom…and Bon Jovi

Freedom in Christ
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1.

This verse is one of the few I actually know by heart, address and all. It’s been loud and clanging in my head this week. And I’m about to tell ya why.

We’ve reconfigured our offices recently resulting in a four person shared work space. Change is good (think Ikea and fresh paint)! We all like each other. And we like listening to music while we work. But we don’t always like each others’ music. Cue the headphones.

Sometimes we’ll jam out to some old school stuff, like Doobie Brothers “Old Black Water”. You know this one…so just take a moment to sing along…

“I’d like to hear some funky Dixieland, pretty mama, come and take me by the hand, by the hand.” Just click and Listen here.

Wasn’t that fun? You’re welcome.
We have discovered that some of us love Bon Jovi, others not so much. I personally like almost every genre of music. We take turns and change moods and work it all out. Sometimes we listen to Switchfoot or our buddies from Tenth Avenue North.

Here’s the thing. We work in a church office. Our team works hard – we manage hundreds of volunteers and four services each weekend, babies and funerals, people with cancer and addictions and challenging life issues. We interact with some really tough situations because, well, there’s people involved. 

This does not mean we listen to Casting Crowns all day. We are just real people, working out our faith and doing our best.

Romans 14 talks a lot about this. My interpretation is – Don’t judge others. Don’t mess it up for others by how you behave either. But you can look it up for yourself (please do…).
There is a lot of fuss going on lately about religious freedoms. The religious beliefs one holds compared to government mandates. It’s a real mess and I don’t have any answers. I do know there are people on this planet who risk their lives for the freedoms we have. Sobering, isn’t it? We are fortunate that we have such freedom in the USA.

Bigger than that, we have freedom in Christ! It’s okay to listen to whatever music entertains us. We can rest easy because we are not going to wreck how God feels about us. Even when it’s a straight up jam session to some classic rock ‘n roll.

It’s not up to ME – or you – to dictate what others should or should not do. God will whisper to me about my life choices – and to you about yours – whether it’s food, drink, movies or music or anything else. I cannot and should not pretend to be God to others. 

My job is to imitate Christ! He hung out with tax collectors and fisherman. What kind of music do you think they were listening to? I’ll bet the lyrics were a little rough. Jesus loves people, and helps us do that exact same thing today, no matter who they are, where they’ve been, or what they’ve done.

So let’s all just chill a little, love others well, and let the music play. God can handle it.

And I’m pretty sure he likes the Doobie Brothers. And Bon Jovi, just saying… 

Thanks for reading! Til next time…


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