Day 2 – Freedom to throw away needless stuff – especially papers

This morning I compiled a list of all the different subtopics of freedom. They may or may not stay in sequence. But after relaxing at the beach with a lovely sunset – paired with a large glass of Pinot – the next on the list will do.

It’s embarrassing to think of myself as a pack rat. But apparently I do like to hang onto things. Dust gatherers. Cards and notes and pictures and all kinds of junk. But paper is my favorite thing to never get rid of. I’m not sure why this is. Therapy is too expensive to waste on delving too deeply with this area, but I do know that cleaning and purging feels amazing. 

In the past week I have touched every single piece of paper in my house. These were located in various piles and folders and drawers. Some were surprisingly labeled. Others fell into the remix category. You know, where my daughter’s 4th grade report card is with an expired life insurance policy stapled to a random newspaper clipping my grandmother sent me ten years ago.

One pile to shred. Another really big pile to pitch, umm, recycle. That’s what I meant. A remaining stack in need of fine tuning now fits in one drawer of the filing cabinet. Another large stack went to the office for scanning the very next day. And it did not take that long. Maybe a few hours tops.

No more piles! No more overstuffed drawers! No more wondering where did I put that important document stashed in that safe place. I have a tray for incoming mail and I DEAL with it once a week. Folders in a folder thingy on my desk.  No longer will there be a mysterious multiplying of papers like rabbits left unattended for too long.

Look at me go! So efficient, so organized. Who am I? A girl on a mission to clean up her act.

And while the momentum was still strong, I tackled all my papers at work. I suggested my coworkers tie a rope around my waist in the event I died in the process and required someone to pull my dead body out. Working in a church office lends itself to such references. It wasn’t horrible there either. What papers remained ended up in a half of a drawer and the “archive file” fit into ONE SMALL FOLDER. Crazy. 

I imagine all of this outer clutter has a parallel to all the mental clutter that has been stored away in my head. 

How does one clean and purge all of that?

And again, therapy is expensive, so I sit on the beach with a glass of wine. Or binge watch Netflix with a giant bag of kettlecorn, maybe go for a stroll or get lost in a book. Any and all are fabulous ways of shredding old thoughts and memories. This opens up some room for new, positive, uplifting thoughts.

Freedom feels good in this area! I’m so very proud of me.

Listen, I can guess what you are thinking. I can’t go through all of that mess. It will take years. How can I toss it now that I have kept it this long? What if I need it later? What if it’s the only scrap of sentiment that I will have when I’m old? I can’t possibly throw it out. 

You know what? It doesn’t matter if you can’t even find it anyway. So sort and file and scan away. Get out your fancy label maker or your sticky notes and whatever method of madness you use to get it together. May I suggest comfy house pants, John Mayer Pandora – and get in there and keep at it til it’s done. You’ll be SO glad. 

Thanks for reading! Until tomorrow…


One thought on “Day 2 – Freedom to throw away needless stuff – especially papers

  1. We recycle our paper. I have a box in our room and a box near the front door. When the mail comes, I go through it and put whatever I need to recycle (nothing with our names, etc). When I have papers that are important for school, I scan them and only save the ones on my corkboard that I need to remember. Love this post!


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