Day 7: Freedom – to ask questions

Some people are generally inquisitive and will ask questions with reckless abandon. Take 6-year-old girls for example. It’s a non-stop barrage. 

“What does that do?”
“Why does your hair look like that?” 
“How come your breath smells funny?” 

They have not yet developed their Social Graces Filter and they will embarrass both the person they are asking and their parent standing there. 

I’m kinda glad I don’t live with a 6-year-old girl anymore.

Other folks are more reserved or maybe even shy. They will sit back and observe and try to figure things out. Or it’s possible they are prideful and don’t want to confess they need help. Perhaps the answer will reveal itself on its own if they are patient and wait for it.

Some simply make assumptions and have no need to ask. Judge on appearance and keep a safe distance. No questions necessary.

I am still trying to figure out which person I am. In certain areas, I am a blend of curious and impatient and will interrupt the instruction-giver. Don’t take the scenic route please, I just want to know whatever it is I need to know. Just cut to the chase. Spit it out. Land that plane.

In other ways I enjoy the process of discovery.

Maybe it’s the whole female hunt-and-gather thing, but I rarely ask for assistance when I am shopping. I will wander around fearlessly searching out that thingamabob all by myself. Seriously, I will even read signs. Even the ones on the little plastic thing on the shopping cart. If, and only if, all efforts have failed and I am forced to ask a clerk, I can at least defend my pathetic helplessness. “Excuse me, I have looked in all places logical and I now surrender. Please tell me where you keep the thingamabobs.”

On occasion they don’t even have thingamabobs, and it’s then I wish I had asked sooner.

It’s been said there are not stupid questions, only stupid answers. 

I disagree. I think sometimes people have episodes of “I’m being lazy and not listening”. If you are going to ask a stupid question, at least be humble. For example, “Forgive me, maybe this was already covered, but what about “blah blah blah”. I must have missed that.” The admission of inattention redeems the interruption.

Sometimes we don’t ask the questions because we don’t want the answers. Ignorance is bliss and all. Except when it bites us in the butt. Being afraid to ask hard questions does not mean there are not hard answers to be heard. It means we are not ready. It’s not bliss. It’s delayed reality, also known as denial. And not the river in Egypt.

Later on, when it is comes to light and smacks us right upside our thick head, can we naively claim we didn’t know? Sure, but what good is truth revealed too late? Finding out early allows us to make wise choices. Finding out later results in pain, regret and mistrust. 

Better to ask the questions. Discern the answers. Ask God to help you sort it out. Truth is not always easy to hear, but it’s always best. Jesus said the truth would set us free. He’s right.

Feel free to ask the questions. And carry breath mints in case of 6-year-old girls.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!


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