Day 9 – Freedom – to go on vacation!

Earlier this week I announced to my coworkers that I had officially entered into PVM. The guys of course made faces and said “Eww, don’t tell us that stuff.” Silly fellas. (Of course that was the exact response I was hoping for!)

PVM – Pre Vacation Mode. And when I get back after checking out for a week, it will continue to be PVM, only not PRE Vacation Mode, but POST Vacation Mode. I am sure I will make up for it at some point. Just not soon…

There are stats out there that say Americans don’t take enough vacation time. I was too deep into PVM to actually research this, but I believe it. The other snippet I read said that even though Americans get less time off than many other countries, we don’t even use the little we have.

That is just a crying shame.

I am READY to have a break. It’s been a busy year, and my plate is full. It will be good to get out of town for a few days and enjoy a change of scenery. A change in the weather is welcome too! This Florida summer has been brutal.

The best part is getting to spend time with my daughter who lives 1000 miles away. The leaves are changing and we have tons of great things planned while I’m there. I just cannot even wait!

The hard part is that I have to trust that I have made provisions in all areas of responsibility while I’m out. I know they are all capable intelligent people. I know they will manage without me. The place will probably run smoother – and more quietly – than usual. 

Isn’t that the fear? That I am not really needed? That everyone will function just fine without my input? That they will not really miss me? That my contribution is not as valuable as I think it is?

Maybe. Or maybe I just get too much of my own validation by what I do. There’s some internal digging to do with that. But not this week. I will be on vacation.

I will do my best to abide by the following Vacation Mode Guidelines:

1- No work email
2 – No work phone calls
3- No work texts
4 – No work conversations
5 – No work fretting about work stuff I may have forgotten to do
6 – I will enjoy a good book or two while I’m gone
7 – I will enjoy not having every moment planned and scheduled
8 – I will enjoy eating out and shopping (within my spending plan)
9 – I will be enjoy sleeping in or staying up late or whatever I feel like doing
10 – I will enjoy myself and those around me

I am uncertain about my posting so I am not making any guidelines about that. As much as I am enjoying this #write31days challenge, I am striving to be free. Free to be ON VACATION!!

Thanks for reading! Til next time, whenever that is…


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