Day 10 – Freedom to enjoy some numbers

Even though I am not all that fond of the Algebra and Accounting Classes I find myself in this semester, I do like numbers. And for those that have conquered these subjects and lived to tell, Algebra has more letters and symbols than numbers. Why it’s math and not foreign language is still a giant mystery to me.

Numbers are there to measure things. To count off, and to evaluate. I am finding a few numbers to appreciate this morning. 

Fifty-five. That is the temperature outside this morning. This Florida girl is chilly – but sitting outside in the sunshine with TWO SWEATSHIRTS AND JEANS, SOCKS AND SHOES. What? It’s glorious. I love summer but Fall in the north is amazing. I’m so very grateful for the sunshine streaming onto this lovely patio right in the back yard of our Air BnB place. 

Eight. That is how many continuous hours of sleep I was able to get last night. After cramming all my to-do’s last week, I was hitting around five each night. Not enough. I am a new person today. Or maybe just the person we would all prefer on a regular basis!

One. That is the exact number of Starbucks Via packets I found this morning. The minimum has been met. The emergency back up was some no name instant that someone left behind (wonder why?). We will definitely hit the store today for some vital necessities. Not sure what I was thinking taking such risks.

Zero. That is how many things are on my to do list today.

One hundred. That is the percent of happy and stress free I am choosing today. 

Because VACATION!!

Thanks for reading…til next time!


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