Day 11 – Freedom to do stuff that you’ve always wanted to do

I like adventure. Seeing new things, trying new foods, exploring. I also like comfort and warmth.

Right now it is 46 degrees outside. With the glorious sunshine streaming down, it will warm to about 70. Perfect fall weather. I will probably be chilly, but I will dress for it and be fine. No flip flops.

We are going to a winery today at Sugar Loaf Mountain. I happened to check online and they are having some festival this weekend. Not a fan of big crowds, but we are going.

They will let you stomp around on the grapes y’all.

I cannot wait! I thought this would have to wait for my trip to Italy.

I’m recalling with laughter the I Love Lucy episode where she bravely enters a vat of grapes. Let me share it with you. I just love her expressions.

That’s probably going to be me. I can’t wait even though it will be crowded and chilly and messy. 

I’m going to try to convince my girls to do this with me. Making memories. Having fun. That’s what vacations are all about. Freedom to do stuff that you’ve always wanted to do.

Thanks for reading…til next time!

PS –  We DID stomp grapes…so gross and cold but FUN! From the left, Morgan, Kelsey and Yours Truly.

I completely had to make them do this when I saw that it was a competition with, count them, three barrels set up. It was perfect. I actually whined until they got in line and rolled up their pant legs (pun intended).

FYI, Kelsey won – and because she is a gorgeous blonde, they awarded her TWO free glasses of wine. Which she shared with me. Great memories for all of us!


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