Day 13 – Freedom to honor your commitments

It’s been a busy few days y’all. Hiking the falls, stomping some grapes, seeing the DC sights…vacation has been a fantastic and tiring time.

We got back in time to fight the 5 o’clock traffic out of Tampa. I went straight to class and reality is beginning to seep in – I have 2 major tests this week and have largely ignored all things school related since last Wednesday.

Ahhh and I still have vacation brain. I just want to go sit on the beach. That’s allowed right?


After class, I did manage to unpack my suitcase, clean my bathroom, catch this past week’s sermon and stocked the house with a few essentials. Thanks to my darling daughter for her grocery skills. She took my debit card and the list and shopped like a champ. If only she was old enough to buy wine.

I’m not ready to be back. I will make a plan so that I can still manage my responsibilities AND enjoy the last few days of not working. I will go to the beach. I will have at least one day to sleep in. I will, I will, I tell you!!

But here it is, Day 13, and the pressure to write did not compel me as much as the desire to write. It’s becoming a habit. And a good one at that. The best part is that I feel comfortable writing, editing and posting all in one take.

I began this blog for me. I began this challenge for me. I’m ok if no one reads it. Or if hundreds or thousands read it. As with any other challenge – this one is to help me grow. To stretch my abilities and test my resolve. 

I am committed, to keeping this challenge, to doing well in school, and to enjoy my time off work.

So far, so good!
Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!


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