Day 15 – Freedom to persevere

My youngest child has prematurely developed a case of “Senioritis”. Folks, we are only 8 weeks into the year. My understanding of this very real condition is that it usually begins showing signs around Spring Break and worsens in April and then peaks in May. October is too soon. We may have to see a specialist on this one. 

I wish. But as the mom, this is where I get to teach show her how to keep going. Let’s use this opportunity wisely…

Persevere verb per·se·vere \ˌpər-sə-ˈvir\
to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult
This is another mirror moment. And I am becoming aware of how poorly I persevere. If, wait, not if, but when things get tough, I tend to gravitate toward the nearest exit sign. I avoid difficult whenever possible. 
The problem with that is that often the really good things are waiting on the other side of difficult.
What things are difficult? Retirement account? Writing a novel? Earning a degree? Physical fitness? 
Let’s chat about fitness. Six pack abs? Not ever gonna happen for this girl and I know exactly why. Because I am simply not willing to work that hard. I’ll settle for eliminating the love handles and not embarrassing myself in a bikini. I feel like that is good enough.

Writing every day for 30 days? Sure, because it’s a challenge, but it’s done in 30 days. Kind of like an exercise challenge. I can kill it for a month, and then I’m right back where I was. I’m not currently in a challenge to exercise, so I’m not exercising. I’m writing, duh! Maybe I’ll exercise again next week? I’m still on vacation, people. We’ll see how often I write once I survive this. So far so good!
I much prefer short term goals. Immediate payoff. Finish the task the same day you begin. This is the same thinking that 5 year old children have. Long term? This is hard. But very grown up.
The freedom to persevere means that I can grow up. I CAN pursue long term goals. And not because they are overwhelming, but because I can see the payoff. It’s a little bit, over lots of time that creates a beautiful ending. Make a big goal and then break it down.

Earning the degree? I am doing a week at a time, a semester at a time. One day I will have my degree. Not this month, or this year, but eventually I will have enough credits. This is the one of the biggest long term goals I have intentionally pursued. 

So yes, darling daughter, go finish your homework. Tolerate the pointless side of the high school years. Study for the tests and hit those marks. Enjoy your time at the top of the food chain. It won’t happen again for quite a while. It will be over soon and you’ll be on to the next level. College, even live-at-home and go-to-community-college is still better than high school.

What are your long term goals? How can you persevere to see yourself through?
Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!

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