Day 16 – Freedom to let go of perfection

Achievement = worth
Achievement = success
Achievement = everything

No. It does not. 

But so often we live as though it does. 

How did you do on your test? Did you win your game?

Did you get the scholarship for being brilliant? No, for your superior athleticism then?

How do we value those around us? How do we value ourselves?

I am a part time college student. After years of regret over not having a degree, I determined 3 years ago that this one regret I could actually fix. So I enrolled and have been taking classes pretty much ever since.

I was a 4.0 student until this summer when I bombed College Algebra online. I am retaking it now and will replace that grade, hopefully with an A. 

Yesterday I squirmed after my Accounting mid-term. I currently have an 89.9 in that class. Talk about letting go of perfection. You now see the inspiration behind today’s topic.

But I AM OKAY if I don’t get an A. I will do my best. And that is all. I’ve heard that no one cares about your grades once you graduate.

I want to earn my Bachelor’s degree. And how cool to have an extra cord around my neck that means I worked really hard (or am naturally brilliant?). It’s cooler just to prove to myself that I can do it. I could enroll, endure and be educated – and even finish with a little piece of paper saying so.

Whoop-di-doo. I would rather declare that it’s good enough when it is! Take time to read, write, go to the beach, have a social life, get a pedicure, enjoy those around me. LIFE is continually moving forward, and I don’t want to be so consumed by school that I have to put my whole life on pause for the next however many years.

What has to be perfect in your life? The house? The lawn? The car? Your hair? Your shoes? The holidays? Really, it’s just so exhausting. Relax, lighten up, do your best and that is all.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!


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