Day 17 – Freedom to take good care of myself

This title basically sums up all of my other titles. There are so many facets to taking good care of myself! It’s a LOT of work when I do it right.

Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial…I think that’s it, right?

Today we will talk about physical. As in, what do I put in my mouth and how does it help me function well?

Don’t worry, I’m not going all crunchy here. I’m just sharing a bit of my journey.

Have you ever met someone who could eat anything they wanted – and never exercise – and never gain weight? Pizza and ice cream? Mashed potatoes? Pasta with alfredo? Brownies for dessert? Bring it on…

Well that was me, until about 12 years ago when my metabolism took a permanent leave. 

But that didn’t stop me from eating like I was 23 last week on vacation. I ate to my heart’s content. It was cool enough there for leggings, so who needed pants? Leggings always fit, which is the point of leggings in case you didn’t already know.

When I got back I decided to fix it. So I am doing a juice cleanse for 3 days, and have lived through the first 2. Today is day 3, and I have a terrible headache, and I am really hoping it goes away.

The weird thing is that I’m not hungry. These amazing cold-pressed juices are yummy and satisfying. It’s that I really like to eat food, especially when I’m studying or reading. But even flavored rice cakes taste like styrofoam, albeit flavored styrofoam.  

Last night I dreamed that I was eating an entire package of chocolate chip cookie dough and wrecking my juice detox. So much of anything we do is mental isn’t it??

When – if – I survive Day 3, which is still anyone’s guess, I get to figure out what and how I am going to eat. I know it needs to be something I can maintain. My closet is only so big y’all. I can’t keep several sizes of everything. Maybe it will just be leggings for days.

Then perhaps I will incorporate some exercise…where did I put my yoga mat?

Freedom to eat well. Freedom to take good care of myself. It’s not really up to anyone but me to do this. It’s worth it. 

Wish me luck, thanks for reading, until tomorrow…


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