Day 18 – Freedom to not like pumpkin

Y’all, it’s nearly my bedtime. I had a fabulous day at work – three church services – but it was still six hours of non stop motion and conversation. Then I hit Trader Joe’s and filled my cart with healthy stuff, came home and made not one, but TWO batches of soup. And still managed to squeeze in enough time at Lido to watch the sunset and hang with a few friends.

That’s a full day by anyone’s standards and this girl is tired.

But I noticed something when I was shopping that sparked today’s topic – my dislike for pumpkin. It feels almost un-American. I believe there was pumpkin-something in every single display and aisle today at Trader Joe’s. I had no idea the assortment of foods that this gourd could impact.

From the Trader Joe’s October flyer

For those of you that love pumpkin, which is apparently a whole bunch of you, I’m so happy for you! It’s your season! Rejoice! I cannot imagine loving something and then only getting it once a year. 

Y’all should unite and lobby the food people. I’m sure with all the international trade, it couldn’t be THAT difficult to get pumpkin, say, in March. I would be angry that it were not a year round celebration of pumpkin, if I liked it, that is.

But I don’t. And even though people look at me with their shocked faces
when I confess this truth, I still have to be honest. It’s better that way – it leaves more pumpkin yummy-ness for the rest of you. 

Enjoy the season all you pumpkin fans! I’ll wait patiently until all the regular flavors return…

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!


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