Day 21 – Freedom to look back – and look ahead – and not obsess

Do you know what today is?

It’s the day that was predicted for Marty McFly to travel in time from 1985. He was to arrive on 10-21-2015. Who keeps track of these details? It’s the second movie in the Back to the Future trilogy in case you’ve been under a rock all day.

The original came out 30 years ago, and the sequel was released in 1989. I was 21, so basically forever ago. I plan to re-watch them again soon!

I do remember that we were supposed to have flying skateboards by now. It’s close, but not quite. And the Cubs are supposed to win the World Series? Hmmm…doesn’t look like that will happen.

Oh well. It was a fun prediction right? 

Sometimes I think it would be pretty cool to be able to predict the future. Maybe it’s the control freak in me. Other times I think it’s pretty cool that I DON’T know what the future holds, and I can just enjoy what’s right in front of me.

God only gives us the day in front of us. That’s good! Often, one day is plenty enough.

We should be able to look back enough to learn though. It can be scary to do that, but it’s also good to recognize what is there. What’s the saying, you can’t drive forward if you’re staring into the rear view mirror?

This week I am trying to plan my spring semester. It is challenging with only 7 more classes to go for my AA.

History tells me that spring is busy season at work. 
Planning ahead tells me that I will miss the first 2 weeks of class for the Israel trip.
History tells me that a good professor is worth the wait.
Planning ahead tells me to invest the time to research the professors, and the schedules.
History tells me that I don’t want to be a crazy person because of school.
Planning ahead tells me that I have 4 more days to figure it out.
History tells me that no matter what I end up with, it’s only 16 weeks.

Planning ahead tells me that according to the weather forecast, I will be at the beach on Friday, not obsessing about school. Or the house. Or work. Or any other thing.

See – it really is just like driving. Watch the road in front of you, glance into your mirrors on occasion, and be careful that you aren’t going too fast. Freedom to look back and look ahead, and not obsess!

And it’s just as well we don’t have flying skateboards. I would fall and break a hip now. 

What do you obsess about? What helps you?

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!



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