Day 24 – Freedom to reexamine things

It’s so interesting to me that I have had literally all day to write and am just now sitting down to share some inspiring words with you. It’s nearly 10 and definitely my bedtime. Sounds lame for a Saturday, I know, but as part of a church staff, Sunday mornings begin early.

From my post earlier this week, you’ve learned that I am a college student trying to figure out just what it is that I want to be when I grow up. I am plugging away, 2 classes each semester and making great progress. The spring semester is shaping up well, and I’ll be setting an alarm to land in the exact classes I want (registration opens at midnight Sunday, how dumb).

And in all my considerings lately about which classes to take, it occurred to me that I don’t really like what I’m studying. I had 3 items on my agenda this weekend: Algebra, Accounting, and Blogging. Writing my blog was definitely the most compelling of the 3. I will scrub dirty crusty stuff in my house before I finish accounting work, y’all.

And yet for the past several months, I have been determined that a business degree in finance would be best. And while I’m pulling almost an A in accounting, I don’t love it.

A finance degree may be a good idea. I don’t really know. But I do know that I enjoy writing, and maybe there’s a way to do something in response to this pull in my heart towards that.

I love my job. I love people. I love Jesus. I love that I get to do a variety of cool things all the time. I love the people I work with. I love Sarasota, Florida. 

It’s okay to pull out the long term plan and look it over. It’s ok to change the plan, the direction, the options. Whose life is it anyway? Whose plan is it anyway?

I need to trust God to guide me in these things. Just like watching the tail
lights last night, I know that I just need to relax and follow along. It will all be okay.

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Day 24 – Freedom to reexamine things

  1. It was my first time reading your blog. I enjoyed day 24. Definitely nothing easy along the journey but trusting in Jesus! He guides us through every moment. Keep up the good work and writing skills 🙂


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