Day 25 – Freedom to admit my shortcomings

For those who don’t know me personally, I am not very tall, measuring in at a whopping 5’3″. This is not a bad thing. It allows me to wear heels without towering over anyone.

When my children passed me up, I was grateful to lose – and retire from – the “measuring game” and also grateful they could reach all the top shelves. 

Come to think of it, I identify all the tall people in my environments when those moments arise. You know, the “I cannot reach this and don’t feel like climbing or fetching a ladder”. It’s great for the tall person because they are valued. And it’s great for me because it’s hard to admit when I need help. See that? Win/win. 

And that is the challenge. To discern whether I need to or have to manage on my own, or wave the white flag in surrender. 

The underlying issue is letting go of pride. Embracing the human side. Being willing to ask for help and then getting out of the way (and shutting up already). 

I don’t know everything. I can’t do everything. I’m not supposed to. It’s important to know what I am good at, and equally important, what I am not. 

Reaching tall things? That’s obvious. I wish all my shortcomings were so easily identified. Being courageous enough to examine behaviors will help. Being humble enough to ask a trusted mentor for feedback will help. Accepting myself for who I am and where I am and what I am capable of doing is not just helpful, it’s vital. 

It’s freedom. 
Where do you need help today? Who can you ask for honest feedback?

Thanks for reading! Until tomorrow~

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