Day 26 – Freedom to chill out

Chill out? On a Monday? Yeah, right. It’s time to hit the ground running boys and girls. There’s a full new week ahead and it’s time to conquer and win!

Ha….it’s a new week alright. But running? Conquering? Nah… I’m gonna work smarter, not harder this week.

Before I even think about a to-do list, I am going to spend some time sitting in my comfy little chair talking to the Big Boss – you know, God. And not just the perfunctory 15 minutes, but actual time. Or I may go for a stroll and hope the sunrise today will be as stunning as the one yesterday.

Either way, I am not going to jump right in. There’s too much to do and I have no idea where to actually begin. I know that I don’t want to work a billion hours this week. I don’t want to leave important tasks undone. I know that I want to be efficient. I want to be kind. I want to have fun! I know that I am none of those things without some intervention from the One who calms my heart and mind.

It feels counterproductive to slow down and be more thoughtful. If I have so much to do, how does it make sense to spend time doing NOTHING?

Time spent with God in the morning is THE most important thing I can do all day. I never know what a day will bring – neither do you – and it helps me be prepared. 

I cannot reflect what I have not first absorbed.

So even though I won’t be sitting on the beach, and I won’t be hitting the spa, I will approach all my endeavors this week with the chill factor. 

Life is too short to be tightly wound. I have the freedom to chill, man.

What do you do to stay calm when you have lots to do?

Happy Monday y’all ~ 
Thanks for reading! Until tomorrow,


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