Day 28- Freedom to wear what you like

Oh my goodness, I may step on some toes with this one, fresh pedi and all.

Why do I care so much about what I wear? Why do any of us care? Hair, shoes, clothes, accessories…all of it. How I choose to dress is really up to me.

Or is it? 

What I wear = who I am, or who you just want me to be. 

Do I let the fashion “experts” dictate my wardrobe? Most days I choose from my existing inventory and dress for comfort. Sometimes I borrow select styles from my daughter (who has a nicer wardrobe than I have ever had in my whole entire life). She is all about the brands and the look and the accessories. 

I think she has to live with me forever based on her Converse collection alone. It’s hard to confront her regarding this concerning shoe addiction as we wear the same size. When she comes home with new shoes, it’s a big conflict for me. It’s like, “Why on earth did you get another pair of – oh wow, those are so cute!” The struggle is real.

Recently I saw a video clip of Mark Zuckerberg talking about how he just wears a gray tshirt every single day. It’s kind of interesting and hey, you can watch the one minute clip right here.

Really? That is such a guy thing. Gals would never do that. I would at least do an assortment of colors if there was a great shirt that was worthy of the daily wear.

To show how far I’ve come in this area, the classroom for Algebra on Tuesday / Thursday is the equivalent of a meat locker. We’re there an hour and 20 minutes, but exiting class is painful due to the ice blocks my feet have become. It’s still warm here folks and flip flops are in order for everywhere, except this class.

Not the greatest pic, but you get the idea…

So last night, I put aside all fashion concerns and donned my fuzzy socks upon arriving in class. 

Those around me were JEALOUS. 

And my feet were still chilly, but at least I didn’t hurt to walk out. I’m keeping those babies in my backpack along with a sweater. Who knows, I may have started a trend.

Yes, I do have standards. The same effort is exerted to dress well as to dress sloppily. Guys, please, only solids go with plaid. Not stripes, and definitely not other plaids. I do believe everyone should check in a full length mirror before walking out the front door, just to peek and make sure everything is tucked and zipped properly. Check that it’s not too short or too low or too tight.

If something has a stain or holes then please just get rid of it. If it’s just old and it’s still in good shape, then embrace it! Vintage is in! 

But for crying out loud, don’t let the fashion magazines define you. Wear what works for you, whether it’s “fashionable” or not.

Where do you let the opinions of others hold you back? How can you move toward freedom in this area?

Freedom to wear what’s comfy – and decent, thank you! But free to let go of what others may think. Start with the clothes, see where it leads. Maybe soon you’ll just do whatever you want and the opinions of others won’t matter at all…

Thanks for reading, until tomorrow!


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