Day 30 – Freedom to be happy about the little things

I can be such a brat sometimes. I whine and fuss about the smallest things. Maybe because I live in a beautiful place, have a great job and amazing friends? It’s easy to lose sight of how fabulous my life really is and focus on the small inconveniences I face.

I have hot running water, electricity, wifi and cable tv. I did not have to light a candle to see once it got dark. I did not have to walk for miles to fetch water and then build a fire to heat it. I did not have to grow and then harvest the food I am eating today. I could access any information I wanted with the click or two on my laptop.

Yet I want to fuss about traffic. And going to the grocery store. And getting to the bank before six.

I am really spoiled.

I can read my Bible – or any other material I want – without fear of persecution. I can work at the job of my choosing and have endless opportunities to create a future for myself.

There is a community of people that care about me. If I were in need of just about anything, I could call on a host of people who would come to my aid.

I am healthy enough to perform just about any task that is required of me. I’m not always tall enough, but hey, that’s what ladders and tall friends are for. If I were ill and in need of medical treatment, some of the best in the world is at my disposal.

I really have a good life.

And today, I splurged and bought a new welcome mat for my front door. The old one had been greeting our family and guests for over three years and it was definitely time for a replacement. You’re probably thinking how amazing that I know the age of the old one, right? It’s easy – because I bought it when I moved in to this cozy house.

The welcome was literally worn out! It was time for a new one. And for only $12, I can smile when I walk in, no matter what day I have had, or how messy it is on the inside. 

I will look at that colorful little mat and be grateful I have a place to call home. 

It’s freedom when you can find little to grumble about – and much to celebrate! Even the little things…

Thanks for reading! Until tomorrow,


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