Day 31 – Freedom with a touch of grace

Grace. It’s one of my favorite words and one of my favorite concepts. It has been defined by our friends at Mirriam-Webster is as follows: 

I think this says it well, but here it is in my words. You can quote it if you like.
Grace is receiving what I don’t deserve, which is favor and love, instead of what I do deserve, which is diddly squat.
I like that the official definition includes God. I believe that 100%. It surely doesn’t come from me.
One of my favorite books is Philip Yancy’s What’s So Amazing About Grace?. I reread it each year because it’s that profound. You can order it here.
The thing about people who realize they have messed up (because, you know, humanity is pretty messed up) is that they – WE – need grace. We do not need anyone reminding us how pathetic we are. We do not need to be chided for our faults and failures.
I know I am usually quite aware of all that. I will be harder on myself than anyone else. Please hold your judgment and condemnation. I’ve got that well covered, thank you.
What I need is a little grace. Often, I need a lot. It’s probably what you could use too.
Somehow I have managed to throw thoughts on a page, often included a photo or graphic and have gotten them posted EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire month of October. There are some other, less exciting projects that will now come off the 31-day-hold they have been stuck on. But something bigger for me has happened in this month than succeeding at a blogging challenge.
I learned something about myself and the writing process. I learned that I can overcome my trepidation of the technical side of blogging because I want to write all the time! It’s weird and lovely and bizarre and freeing and hopeful and scary all at the same time.
And I know this writing-thing was God led, and his Grace has carried me through. And that’s pretty amazing!
Thanks to you! Thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments and your shares. Maybe one day I will be a famous interweb blog person and you’ll be all, “Hey I used to read her stuff when she didn’t even know how to blog!” Who knows? God’s in charge of this – and whatever it is supposed to be is up to Him.
Thanks for reading – until next time!


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