Freedom to be brave…

With the 31 day writing challenge officially over, it’s been good to have some time away to do a whole bunch of other things that have totally gone undone. I will confess that I have missed writing and what the process does for my soul.

I have been exploring a few new things lately. It’s my favorite.

My friends Barry and Nic have a funk band that I listen to whenever I can. They had a gig today that was a whopping 5 minutes from my house. “Giving Hunger the Blues” is an annual event with food and beverage vendors, lots of people hanging out, and of course live music. Their band was a perfect fit and I was happy to donate the $10 cover to the cause.

I went by myself.

There are lots of things I do unaccompanied that are totally fine. I go to the beach alone intentionally on a regular basis. It gives me time to relax and unwind that I simply cannot do with a friend tagging along.

I go shopping. I go to parties. I go to Starbucks. Well, not so much anymore as I gave up coffee about three weeks ago (I know, who does that?). I almost went to the movies by myself once. I believe that will be a non-issue if I really want to see a movie in the future.

But flying solo at a big social outdoorsy thing with tons of people? This was a first. And it was great.

Of course I found people I knew and enjoyed chatting with them. I found friends that danced with me and that was cool. The band was “funktastic” and the food was delish.

The best part was that I felt comfortable enough in my own skin to do what I wanted. Sure, I would have enjoyed having a buddy along. But it was a spontaneous decision and the one friend I called had other plans. So my choice was a) skip it and be a fradey-cat or b) go on my own. 

I am not a fradey-cat. Facing fears – no matter how big or small or silly they seem – is a good thing. 

I used to feel sorry for people who went to the movies or to dinner alone. How sad they must be without friends. My attitude has shifted about them. How awesome that they are living their life whether or not there is someone with which to share every experience.   

I put on a cute comfortable dress, a sun hat, flip flops and my shades. My friend Matt told me I looked glamorous – what a bonus! I left the house when I was ready, decided where I would park, and strolled in whatever direction I felt like. The glass of pinot and mini lobster roll were my preferences to enjoy. I left when I was good and ready to leave. All without having to coordinate with anyone.

I am glad I was brave enough to go. It was a lovely afternoon. Such freedom!

All around me there were couples. They had to work out all those details. I’m glad they were able to get along. I am just glad I didn’t have to worry one iota about what someone else needed or wanted to do.

Maybe that’s selfish. And if it is, I’m okay with it. For this season, I am happy to only worry about my own little self. And most days that is a-plenty.

How about you? What are things that you would or wouldn’t do if you had to do them by yourself? Dinner out? Movies? Vacation? 

Thanks for reading – until next time…


8 thoughts on “Freedom to be brave…

  1. Love this! I am in a season of life where I wish I had more time alone! As I've gotten older, I've definitely become more of an introvert and desire alone time. You are so brave and wonderful and I love your confidence and security. Blessings!


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