Freedom to stop the madness (for a few hours)

I’m so busy….

Doing what?

We all have stuff to take care of. Family, work, school, the home front, the car in the drive, etc. And plan for the holidays (that’s a whole special kind of madness worthy of its own post).

But what about ourselves?

Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, balance quiet time with social time. Journal, pray, pour into others. Don’t forget to floss. Keep up with the news. And all the posts. Maybe while I’m scrolling I will find the magical twenty-seven ways to save time while taking care of myself?

My head is spinning… It’s enough to make a girl grow weary.

I confess, I struggle with taking good care of myself. It’s a daily battle.

I have too much to do – so I’ll skip the exercise. Grab a quick bite of something that isn’t very nutritious because I am too busy to prepare. Good grief – that would involve making a meal plan and going to the “stupidmarket”. Who has time for that? And how could I possibly go to bed early? I have ____ and ____ and ____ (insert your own gigantic lineup of things that must be done).

We are gearing up for a busy season at work, so that’s my excuse. And I’m in school three nights a week. And I try to keep up with that teenage daughter of mine.

Blah blah blah. Let’s try to outdo each other by bragging about how much we accomplish in a day or a week. What we do = who we are. How impressive! How exhausting…

There’s that act in the circus where the performer has all the plates spinning on poles. That’s me! And I am skilled at this trick. I can spin a LOT of plates simultaneously. And it’s exciting and challenging and fun, and my audience applauds when I do it all.

Until I don’t.

And then it comes crashing down. All the plates. Perhaps it’s time for an intermission. Before the spinner herself crashes.

What about that “craze” feels good? Why does it feel wrong to be still? To get NOTHING accomplished?

Mary and Martha are two of my favorite Bible gals. Martha – seriously – I think of Martha Stewart when I think of her. Everything made from scratch and matching perfectly. Above and beyond. And then Mary, just hanging out and enjoying the company of Jesus.

I have often joked that I could be Mary too, if only I had a sister like Martha.

How can I say no to things when I want to say yes? How can I be irresponsible and let it all go?

Maybe the answer isn’t so black-and-white. Maybe I can take some time to recharge my batteries for a while this morning and then be productive this afternoon. The flaw in the whole “work before play” theory is this: my work is never ever done. Yours either.

Lord Jesus, it’s Friday – my day off. And though my list is long and time is short, it’s a lovely 76 degrees and sunny. I am putting on my beach attire and heading straight for You. Thanks for being so patient with this Martha – plate spinner girl sitting here.

My challenge – to myself and to you – sort it out – decide what to let go – maybe let a few plates crash down. The last time I checked, the Earth will still spin around all by itself…with or without the plates.

Thanks for reading…until next time!


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