Freedom to not be so stubborn…

My daughter suffers from a lack of geographical sense. Zero sense of direction. Not a clue how to find her way. She has a few routes memorized and Siri helps with the rest.

It is always an interesting conversation when she gets lost. 

“Mom, I can’t find the house.”
“Honey, where are you?”
“I wish I knew.”

What do you do with that? Or rather, where do you go from there?

Part of the challenge is that she is a bit stubborn (ahem, I’m aware of the whole fruit and tree thing)

She isn’t open to listening when I share some of my excellent navigational skills. My attempts to coach her have not been successful. 

She will tell you it’s because of the way I give directions. Of course I give them correctly: meaning use of proper, directional terms such as North, South, East and West. I measure distance in miles, not time. None of that “right hand side of the road if you’re coming from that way” nonsense.

She doesn’t want to learn.  She has convinced herself that she isn’t good at it, and shuts down.

I tend to do the same when I feel overwhelmed and ill equipped.

God doesn’t ask us to be equipped though. He asks us to trust him, and he will lead us. He wants our minds and hearts to be open to receiving his direction and guidance. He promises to give us what we need, when we are ready for it. Our job is to listen. To trust. To follow his directions.

So it comes full circle then, as I wrestle with understanding technology. It feels too difficult to comprehend all this high tech gadgetry. The cloud is no longer a lovely whispy thing but a source of confusion. That handy “Forget password?” option is one I use regularly, whether it’s with my blog or my iphone, all in trying to sync said phone with my computer. I get this weird dizzying sensation and plead for mercy to anyone nearby under age twenty-five.

I now see this is a terrible attitude. It’s lame. Even lazy. Definitely stubborn. 

This does NOT help me. Having a teachable spirit and attitude will propel me far more than begging for help and being dependent on others. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not signing up for a coding class or anything too crazy. I simply recognize the issue is not my lack of understanding, it’s my attitude.

Lord, thanks for being so patient with me as I continue to grow out of my little comfort zone. Thanks for surrounding me with so many tech savvy people. Help me to be open and humble to receive your instruction. And theirs.

And help my daughter to always have google maps when she’s driving.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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