The holidays…freedom to keep it simple

This is by far the least stressful holiday season I have experienced in my adult life.

Either I am really on the ball this year or I am forgetting a whole bunch of stuff!

My tree is up and we are decorating it tomorrow at exactly 2pm. The outside lights are up and on and look amazing. (Yes I did them myself.) I have exactly 5 remaining gifts to purchase, and I know exactly what they are and where they are. I will have 3 packages to send. Our baking day is on the calendar. Secret elf gifts purchased. I even have the ornament for the annual exchange for work.

Seriously. It’s so weird. I don’t know how this is happening. I am not certain where all the stress went.
Sure, my circumstances have changed in that I’m single and my kids are older. But that is not what is different.

I think it’s that I am increasingly comfortable with less. 

Less hurry. Less busy. Less crazy. A lot less crazy. 

I confess the majority of my craze was self inflicted. It’s silly when I reflect on how perfect I thought everything had to be. It totally doesn’t!
What matters is to really ENJOY this time of year, and those around me. It feels so amazing to just relax and smile – and stay out of the mall!

My challenge to you is this. Sit still and think through what is truly important this season. Not what others expect from you. Not even the unrealistic expectations you put on yourself. 

Notice the non working candy cane light?
Talk about letting go of perfection!

What really matters? Attending every party and concert and school event? Pulling off every recipe and craft project on Pinterest? Having your home perfectly decorated and spotless? Pleasing each person on the gift list whether or not their wants fit your budget?

No. Just say no to more and yes to less. No to the hectic and harried. No to the exhaustion of mind, body and bank account. Yes to simple and kind and good. Yes to love and joy and peace. Yes to enjoy the company of those beautiful people around you.

If I could bottle this and sell it, I’d be a rich woman. 

Actually, just having it for myself makes me rich enough. 

How will you keep your holidays stress-free? Great strategies you want to share? 

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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