Almost done…what?

Tomorrow marks just seventeen days until Christmas.

It’s also the day I complete the final task on my Christmas to do list.

Decorating: done. Baking: done. Shopping, wrapping AND shipping: done. 

I don’t even know what to think of this whole weird pre-Christmas efficiency. I mean, right about now is when I usually enter full blown panic mode. This is when I realize I have just two weeks to do everything and not a strategy in sight. 

Not this year. And I am not even sure why exactly. I wish I knew so that I could ensure that this isn’t just some freak of nature happening and that I may have some semblance of hope to repeat this performance.
I know there are so many who are sliding onto these next two weeks like it’s black ice. Frantic and out of control. Running around each night after work or all weekend and getting stuck in check out lines or snarled up in mall parking lots.

I don’t like how I treat others when I have that kind of pressure and stress.  I realized that I don’t like how that feels.  And that maybe I have the power to do it differently. 

I want to ENJOY this season of hope and giving. I want to be available to spend time on things that are important.

To add to all this bizarre-ness can I just tell you that the house is clean (enough), laundry is done, bills are paid, and homework is on target. I have finals next week so I will be able to totally focus on studying. (Please don’t hate.)

Who am I? This is not the crazy person I usually am. Not even close. 

The best I can come up with is that I am becoming healthier. My expectations are more realistic…of myself and of what I want Christmas to look like. I know who is actually on my list and what they might love to have.  

What can I share that might be helpful going forward (other than doing your list for you)?  
One thing that I started a couple of years ago was with my immediate family. Instead of adding to the Christmas blitz, I celebrate these I love with gifts at each of their birthdays. This makes their day super special and spreads out the expense.

My kids are older now, and with that their Christmas gifts are fewer (and more expensive). But even when they were younger, we would do just three gifts. My logic was that if three gifts were good enough for Jesus they were good enough for us, too.

Assess what you can afford, make a plan and then execute said plan without getting sucked in by all the cleverly targeted merchandising. Amazon Prime is pretty cool. Gift cards that you can grab while you are grocery shopping work well. And stay away from Pinterest, for the love. You definitely don’t need that kind of pressure! Most folks just like to know that you’ve thought of them at all.

Breathe. Pray. Eat a cookie. Keep it simple. Remember less is more. A joyful you is worth having this Christmas.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

Want to know a great benefit of being ahead of schedule? Tomorrow’s forecast says it will be 77 and sunny and I will be on the beach all afternoon. In case you didn’t already hate me for being done with my Christmas tasks…


2 thoughts on “Almost done…what?

  1. Great thoughts! I'm right there with you! My gift list has been so pared down! I love the 3 gifts idea! Wish I had bought into that when my kids were little?! Not being caught up in the commercialism is freeing!


  2. Thanks Kathy! Yes, that was a great strategy…but it does make it a little harder when shopping. It's easier to just grab stuff and create a mountain of stuff. Intentional giving takes more effort for sure!


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