Connecting this Christmas…

Only nine more days to get ready folks. It’s pretty much a miracle that you even have time to read this blog, right? You’ve undoubtedly got a running list of things to finish up in the next week, so I’ll try to make this worth your three minutes, deal?

The fabulous thing is that I’m done with all my Christmas related chores (see my last post for details on this). But I’m not quite ready in my heart for this time of year.

I’ve been busy with school, and extra work activities, and getting all my Christmas stuff done. What I have not been busy with is spending time quietly reflecting on just how amazing God is.

How easy it is to just cruise right on through my days and nights without stopping to ponder this amazing truth. Sure, I work at a church. I pray every day. I listen to my Bible app in the morning to get a little dose of scripture. I DO all of these things, but it’s not the same thing as just enjoying God’s presence.

It’s like any other love relationship. It takes time to nurture. Remember how thrilling it is when you first feel all kinds of mushy romantic feelings toward someone? I think I remember…it goes something like this: You rearrange your schedule and do crazy things like get up super early and squeeze in a coffee date at 7am? Or, they are going to detail their car and you’re all like, wow, can I help with that?

You go out of your way to meet them. You think of excuses to get together. You prefer their choices over your own. You choose to please them over yourself.

That’s how it’s supposed to be when you’re in love. But lately I have not really felt like that with God.

And the crazy thing is people expect me to have this all figured out but I really don’t. I struggle with this and then I struggle with being vulnerable enough to admit it. But here I am being real. 

I am ready to sit and relax and to reconnect with my Creator. My soul needs some refreshing. My heart needs renewed. My schedule is clearing and I am so excited about not filling it up with silly things.

I really do want to honor God with my life. I know I need to connect to do that well. 

So yes, I’m ready for the season that ushers in the birth of the baby Jesus. The hope of the world, peace for us all, even for me.

And for you too! I hope that we can all take an intentional approach to get closer to our source of joy this season. I’m betting we will find it’s worth the effort.

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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