Happy New Year – four weeks in and who cares?

Happy New Year! 

It’s kinda late I realize, but I am operating on my own timetable these days. The official 2016 new year began four weeks ago, but I’m just now tackling those things that were swarming so audibly back then.

If you made resolutions, are you still doing them? It’s ok if you did or didn’t – or if you are or aren’t, you too can start (over) now!

Twelve days into January and I went on a big trip to Israel for 10 days. I spent time shopping and packing and basically freaking out about that. Then the actual trip, then getting back and unpacking and laundry and catching up on a jillion things. So yeah, I intentionally decided to start my New Year in February. And it’s okay if you don’t believe me, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

One of the items on my list of things to improve this year is to blog more regularly. I even began to revamp my whole blog, but I cannot remember my password (a constant thorn), so rather than delay this long awaited post (a girl can dream, right?), I’m using the same ol’ one for now. Plus I needed some time to process this once in a lifetime pilgrimage.

The whole time I was prepping for Israel, and frequently while I was there, I was quiet. I practiced an intentional sitting before God, trying to listen and pay attention to what I might supposed to be hearing and seeing and understanding.

There was something really cool about standing at the waters’ edge at the Sea of Galilee and realizing that THIS is where Jesus used to hang out. When I closed my eyes and listened to the water and the birds and smelled the lakeside smells, I could hear him shouting to the guys in the boat, “Hey fellas, did you catch anything?”

There were other sweet moments like that, but there were no lightning bolts or earthquakes. It was more of a gentle slope down into a spiritual depth that had not yet been discovered. I am finding myself in a new place with God. Maybe it’s maturity that is finally hitting? Or more confidence my Creator.

It’s a deeper assurance that I belong to someone. Not just anyone, but the King of the whole entire universe. And he loves me! He has this whole big thing under control, you know, time and space and everything in it. And the best part is that even though he knows what a disaster I am, he adores me and takes care of me like no other.

Now before you start looking for the halo (that clearly doesn’t exist), understand that I am still me. But maybe I am just a smidge more patient. Based on the Nerf air soft wars earlier this week, perhaps I’m a bit more playful too. All I know is that I am acutely aware of this incredible sense of love and peace that surrounds me. 

You’re probably thinking, well that’s just great for you, Sherri. I’m so glad you could just traipse off to Israel. But what about me? I don’t exactly have that trip on my calendar, thanks for rubbing it in.

I think it has little to do with where I was physically, and much more to do with where I was mentally and emotionally and spiritually. You see, I was craving a deeper understanding. I focused on time alone without all the distractions. I wrote in my journal and listened to wholesome music and marveled at lovely sights. I breathed slowly and savored the moments.

All of those efforts could have been done right here. And they will be done here. All that was missing was the intention. God is everywhere. Seek him, he’s hanging out waiting for you, no matter how late you think you might be.

Thanks for reading, until next time…


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