You must be mistaken…

Not long ago, I received a notification that I was invited to a Closed Group on Facebook. I am not so easily flattered, so I took a good look and thought, that’s weird. Why would I get an invitation to a 30 Year Class Reunion Group? That must be a mistake.

12705199_10206919632804219_5722910554348597400_nAnd then it hit me like a freaking ton of bricks.

Yes, I read it correctly – it WAS for me. This summer will mark three decades since the Class of 86 ruled my high school. Unbelievable.

It hits hard because I’m sure you are a lot like me, and you are in complete denial of the aging process. Maybe your kids are getting older, and probably your folks are getting older, but you? Nah. Me? No way, I’m as good as I’ve ever been. How in the world can this be?

I have mentioned this weird time-reunion-phenomenon to a few friends. They are obviously shocked (you must have been a prodigy and graduated ten years early). Many have shared that they stayed in contact with the ones they wanted to after graduation. It sounds like an excuse, and I’ve been thinking about using it myself.

In those days, I was totally preoccupied with my boyfriend (now ex-husband) for most of my junior and senior year, so I didn’t nurture those great friendships. High school was annoying for me, so I worked and partied, and skipped out on most of the typical festivities. I was ready to move on and move out, and that’s just what I did.

I haven’t lived in my hometown much since then. I headed for warmer climates, because, winter, and the sheer lack of beaches in Iowa. Occasionally my mom would bump into someone from my era, and share with me tales of their latest and greatest.

Reacquainting myself with former classmates was not the least bit appealing. I was happy to let the people and the memories remain where they were, long ago and far away. I was not really proud of who I was or how I behaved. But how I have grown and how I have learned!

I am certainly not the same person I was at 17, and I am betting there are many others who would agree. My feeling is that we have more in common now than we ever did then. Some have grandchildren, some have moved around, and even more have just stayed in one place and lived out their lives right where they were.

About a year ago when my divorce was final, I reclaimed my maiden name. I doubt the reunion search committee would have found me otherwise. But find me they have. Suddenly I’m getting friend requests from people I barely remember. Fun posts and hilarious pictures from the planning meetings are showing up in my news feed. It’s fascinating to see where people have ended up! There are a few high school sweethearts who are actually still married to each another. Some are sort-of famous, some are decorated veterans, and some, sadly, have not lived to see it.

And I’m looking at the calendar thinking this just might happen.

The cool thing is that by our age, I think the comparison game is over. We’ve all lived long enough to know who we are and are comfortable in our own skin (minor wrinkles and all). I know after all the crap I’ve lived through, I’m not here to judge anyone, especially myself.

And hey, the 80’s were fabulous with MTV, big hair, and neon colors. And if it’s too far gone for your memory, here’s a recap of our top hits here.


Parade float idea for the weekend of the reunion. Looks legit!

So I haven’t requested time off yet, nor looked at tickets, but there’s a strong possibility that I’ll be responding to the invite with a yes.

Have you been to any of your reunions?

Was it totally lame or the most fun ever?


Thanks for reading, until next time,



5 thoughts on “You must be mistaken…

  1. Mr. Mister! Pet Shop Boys! The other day I was in the grocery store with my 13 year old, who prides herself on knowing the lyrics to every current song, and as I walked down the aisles with her, singing off-tune, yet every lyric, I said, “Em, you should actually be so impressed I know the lyrics of every 80’s song…” I hope your reunion is fun and a great way to see where life has taken people. I haven’t gone to one yet…maybe I’ll shoot for my 30th in a few years.


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