The Beach (and the lack thereof)

So as I made the decision to sit in my backyard this lovely evening and write a post for my blog, I wrestled. There were a few things that prevented my departure from work in a timely fashion, and a stop on my way home furthered my delay.

IMG_4178The sun will set in an hour, and my preference for viewing sunsets here is from the sands of Lido Beach, just six miles from home. Rather than hassle with changing and rushing and traffic, I decided to just pour a glass of very good wine and hit the back yard with my laptop. The hum of the air conditioner is not quite as soothing as the waves hitting the shore, but it’s okay. The patio furniture is not my beach chair, but I’ll live this once.

Imagine my surprise and shock and dismay when I opened up WordPress and saw the one word writing prompt for today. BEACH. I laughed so I would not cry. Sure, I’ll get there in the next day or two. Sure, I frequent the sandy shore more than most. It’s a weekly necessity for this girl. Unless it’s a major hurricane or freezing cold (y’know, below 50), I put my butt in my chair and my toes in the sand on the regular.

I actually know people who live here that do not go to the beach. I don’t pretend to understand this. There must be something missing genetically to live so close to such beauty and then neglect seeing it. I’m not sure how I am friends with them, to be honest.


When my children were young, and funds were tight, I would haul them and all their crap to the beach every single weekend. Our conversations sounded like this:

Children: Do we have to go the beach AGAIN?
Me: Yes! Of course, and we GET to go.
Children: Buuut we just went to the beach last weeeeeek….(whine, total whine)
Me: Yes we did, and it was great!
Children: Can’t we just stay home?  (trust me, I looked up the appropriate laws on this, and as soon as they were old enough I stopped dragging the ungrateful little darlings)

Here was the last word I gave them, and it was the same every single time…

Me: (exasperated) Listen to me! People save their money all year long to come here! It costs a lot of money to get here, and to stay here, and to eat here, and they spend all their money just so they can go to our beach. And all you have to do is shut up and get in the car. SO SHUT UP AND GET IN THE CAR!

I suppose I could have been a little kinder and perhaps a tad more sensitive. But, alas, what’s done is done.


Now that they are grown, it’s what they want to do. My older one lives far away, and when she comes to visit, time on the beach IS AN ABSOLUTE GIVEN. The younger one lives here and goes frequently OF HER OWN CHOOSING.

I think they get it now. It’s one of my proudest parenting accomplishments, you guys.

So if you live by the beach, I better not hear you telling me you never go there. And if you don’t live by a beach, I hope you get to visit one soon or even move closer. And if you want to read more about my thoughts regarding the beach, there’s a few posts on this very blog. It’s so very near and dear to me.

Thanks for reading, until next time!


via Beach — The Daily Post


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