Pace thyself…

It’s been a whirlwind around here. I am feeling tired, and that matters zero percent. My list to do is long and involved. Delegation is something I typically do well. Unfortunately this is my junk, and to delegate means hiring someone – which means setting up a Go Fund Me page – and that doesn’t feel right – so here we are.

What’s happening? you ask.

It’s a simple one word answer: moving. Not just moving. I’m downsizing and doing it by the end of June. I have known about this for about three weeks now, but I have barely begun the move-related tasks.

Why not? you ask.

Last week my youngest graduated from high school. There were extra things and extra people. My sister (yay!) and my older daughter (double yay!) were in town. Cleaning, shopping, cooking, kayaking, beach, dinners out, and the pinnacle graduation ceremony (which got rained out halfway through the alphabet, and we’re glad she has a B name, and that’s a whole ‘nother post for a whole ‘nother day).

So much greatness! And a lovely distraction from preparing to move. Lovely indeed.

The grad hulabaloo is now behind us. Time to focus on what’s ahead. Plus keep up with a six week summer class, extra work involvement, and the usual life stuff.  Given that I’ve lived in the same place for four years, and down sizing, and third floor without elevators destination, there’s a bit to do.

Did I mention furniture to sell? Stuff to donate? Sentiments to sort out?

Let’s not forget parenting which is not even parenting. It’s more gently-coaching-the-grown-up-child who lives with me and needs an occasional nudge. Like, please finish your thank-you notes and how about you get your college classes picked out? Little stuff like that.

Whew. Lemme catch my breath.

Or not. Cuz here’s the deal. I cannot change the circumstances, in fact, these very circumstances were largely my idea. So what can I change? How should I approach this whole giant ball o’ wax?

What’s the plan? you ask.

Well, obviously I’m gonna get right to blog about it.

My standard modus operandi is to transform into an obsessive witch and let it consume my life and steal my joy. But not this time. I don’t want that to be my life for the next two weeks. Or ever. Move or no move, I don’t want my joy to be determined by my circumstances.

I am choosing to be realistic. I am choosing to work ahead with school. I am choosing to decline extra calendar things right now. I am choosing to not overthink a single stupid item. Either I love it enough to move it – or it goes bye bye.

IMG_4377So far, it’s working and no one is crazy. Not even me.

There’s still a good chance that yours truly could whack out in the next two weeks (I have Netflix y’all). I covet your prayers. And if you’re local, your time and muscle will be appreciated!

Thanks for reading, until next time (after July 1 is a safe bet)!



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