SS Bootcamp

Day One: 7 trips – 60 minutes.
Day Two: 9 trips – 45 minutes.
Day Three: 6 trips – 30 minutes – but using heavier weights.

I am well on my way to being in great shape you guys. I know you’re curious…

Each trip is 38 stairs up, carrying anywhere between 10 and 25 lbs, then the cool down of 38 steps down. That’s roughly a 5 minute average per trip. If this doesn’t qualify as HIIT training, nothing does.

Let me share a bit more about SS Bootcamp. It is going on now – but only for a limited time. There will be an intense session Friday morning involving teams with much heavier weights working together, racing the clock and the Florida summer heat.

The cost? It’s hard to believe this – but it’s 100% free. Friday’s intense SS Bootcamp will include complementary Sangria and Sandwiches (get it? SS!) to celebrate at the end. And a pool to float in if you want.

How is it that I am giving this amazing experience away, you ask? People pay good money to get this kind of a workout. There must be some strings. It must be too good to be true.

Nope. I’m just selfless like that. It seems like everyone should get in on this while they can. It’s guaranteed to work up a sweat while using all those beautiful muscle groups.

But wait..there’s more! By signing up today, you’ll get the added bonus of knowing that you are helping a dear friend move to her new third b885ddae-f7cd-400b-a034-9e6811cad384.1.6floor condo. Bring a friend… or three! There really is no limit on how many can join.

Side note: should there be a large crowd of participants, the workout could be shortened significantly, thereby expediting the Sangrias and pool time.

Thanks for reading, until next time!


4 thoughts on “SS Bootcamp

  1. OHMYGOSH!!! This is the deal of the century…if I was closer I’d have to attend..Id have to pay $125 or more for the workout and it wouldn’t include Sangria…sandwiches AND pooltime!!


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