Planes, trains and expectations

Today was my first day of vacation – which is actually just the big prep day for the travel that’s about to ensue. Lots of excitement awaits, but today was cleaning and laundry and some last minute shopping. Not even the glamorous kind. It was the necessary kind that happens at Supertarget. Qtips, eye drops, gum and all those little necessities for living out of a suitcase for the next two weeks.

Day one was not a total loss however. I did manage to saunter over to the pool and lounge in the sun for about 45 minutes. Priorities and all. And I also discovered there is a library right here at my complex. I didn’t even need a card. I just picked out what I wanted and they will trust me to return the mindless fiction I borrowed today. Only because my kindle is on the fritz and this girl’s gotta read, y’all.

It took a full page spread sheet with tasks assigned to three coworkers for me to escape the office for two weeks. If I didn’t need a vacation before, I certainly do after all that prep. On my list of musts is buying souvenirs for all those carrying on in my absence.


I’ve got some great hopes for this trip. It’s been in the planning stages for months. I get to see lots of cool sights, former classmates, family and friends. It’s loaded with expectations. But I’m learning how to navigate those tricky bastards – the expectations.

Yes, it’s going to be great! It’s also going to be hot and tiring and sweaty and stressful. It’s going to be a bunch of people all wanting to do different things at different times. It’s going to be a lot of money flying out of my wallet and a lot of sights to see. The list of twenty-seven personally recommended places to eat (and only enough days for fifteen meals) is already a source of concern.

Here’s what I know. Life is short. No one is getting younger. We are not promised tomorrow. This trip is going to a memory maker for sure. I don’t want the only time we’re smiling is when we are posing for the posts. My goal is to relax, smile, enjoy and generally go with the flow. I want the joy and gratitude I feel to radiate to those around me.

My prayer for our trip is that we are safe and healthy and making the memories we’ll cherish forever. And that no luggage is lost, no pockets are picked, and all the miles go smoothly.

Thanks for reading, until next time~



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