Here in the middle

It’s a lovely hot muggy afternoon and I am happily enjoying the air-conditioned place all to myself. I’ve got a little time on my hands today (what?) so I started an artsy fartsy project. Part way in, I hit a snag and will have to continue later. The creative juices were flowing. And since it’s been proven that cleaning kills creativity, here I sit, redirecting the energy from paint on the canvas to words on the page.

Here’s what the past three months entailed:

• House guests.
• My daughter’s high school graduation and the accompanying hoopla.
• A six-week college class (got an A, btw).
• Relocation. Which sounds so simple but let me remind those who may not have moved in a while… we put everything we own under scrutiny and what wasn’t sold or donated got moved to a third floor apartment. Without an elevator. And then we put it all (okay, mostly) away.
• A twelve day, multi-state trip which included a free-for-all in Manhattan, a visit with family AND my Thirtieth High School reunion (to be clear, I was a prodigy and graduated at age five). calendar-banner

That’s a whole buncha stuff. There are exactly eighteen days until the fall semester, and I get to decide how to spend this very small and very precious span of time.

I probably should organize all the files that are still in a box from moving. And get my diet and exercise routine back into gear.


The challenge is that I don’t feel like doing those things. I might just lay around and watch the Summer Olympics – alternating with a few episodes of Gilmore Girls.

I do however, feel inspired to do other things before the grind of school resumes. Like sit on the beach with books. Go to dinner with friends. Watch all the Ted Talks. Paint on canvases and tie dye shirts. Write blog stuff and work on my book. I want to perfect my yoga practice and attempt to grow herbs (I have yet to keep a basil plant alive for more than twelve days).

Once school begins, leisure time gets rationed like sugar in WWII (insert sad face). It’s a short season before Calculus and Microeconomics hits, and I know I should just kick back and take it easy. You know, rest and lounge and do nothing. But no, I want to cram as much fun into the down time as possible. Which tends to conflict with the whole concept of down time.

Maybe it’s a middle age / middle stage kind of realization. Not a crisis. Just a hunger and thirst for all the fun things that are still in front of me. There is no man around (or even on the horizon) demanding anything like a homemade meal or attention (insert happy face). There are no children needing me to do anything beyond the occasional transfer of cash or trip to the grocery. There are no aging parents or needy pets or domestic projects (okay, the filing) that are zapping my energy.

It’s a beautiful thing, this middle space. I want to make the most of it. I want to recoup my energy and refuel my mind and soul. I want to tackle the fall semester without regret. I want to be ready for class when it hits and not feel like I squandered my final days of summer.


Which reminds me, I think I’ll see what’s airing for the games this afternoon. And maybe a short nap.

Thanks for reading…until next time!


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