Got to be real…

Ah, reality. Sometimes it’s a good hard kick in the ass, isn’t it?

I would venture to say that I’m not the only one who chooses to sometimes just flat out ignore it. Stay in my little happy make-believe world where I am always kind and patient and loving. That imaginary place where I am the best version of myself or something like that.

Utopia-22In that world I am also younger and thinner. Obviously.

All it takes to remain in this utopia is people who will not be straight up with you. Or maybe just living in la la land where you never spend any time in honest self examination. Kind of like a foggy mirror. Or no mirror at all.

What set my reality on full tilt this week was a little Myers-Briggs personality test. Maybe you’ve heard of it, or even done it. A couple of my coworkers took it and I thought, why not? So in a span of 10 minutes, and 68 this-or-that style questions, I had myself some reality.

So it’s not exactly like when you look in the mirror and notice that your eyebrows suddenly became caterpillars overnight and you can just pluck away until it’s better. This is a smack in the head reflection of your natural behaviors and tendencies, good, bad and ugly.

All of the personality types are listed with a title, and mine came up Field Marshall (I’m an ENTJ if you’re familiar with this). Apparently I like to be in charge. 800px-Indian_Army_Ranks_Insignia

This was not a surprise to anyone. One of the statements was, “because I am tough-minded, I tend to ignore my own and others’ feelings”. In addition to that little gem, also there was the revelation of “I can become overly argumentative when obstacles get in my way.”

1 129

Tweezers anyone?

The accuracy of the results was downright spooky, like crystal ball spooky. There were several others who marveled at how spot-on their results were for them. And, if I’m going to keep with the theme of this post, they were accurate for me as well.

And this is super good! Because awareness is the first step in correcting anything. I have a great work environment. The people there (mostly) love me. Okay, it’s possible that I just think they love me and maybe they are actually just terrified and pretend. Either way.

I can’t fix it if I’m not willing to see it right? And I have learned it’s better to fix it. I am learning that real reality is better. Even if it’s not as pretty. And I’m not as thin.

If you’re feeling brave and want to take the test, you can find it here. The best pairings for this is a solid group of people who love you, some laughter, time with your therapist, and a bottle of wine for later on.

Feel free to share if you’ve got a similar reality experience. I’d love to hear about it…as long as it’s not frivolous small talk when there are important tasks at hand.

Thanks for reading, until next time!




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