To be continued…

It has occurred to me lately that I am really good at starting things. Seeing them through to the end? Not so much. I like all of the dreaming and planning and anticipation. I forget about the conclusions.

Books, movies, and stories need to have to have good endings, don’t they? How often have you heard, “It was a great movie, but the ending sucked”? Makes you not want to see the movie, am I right? What happens if someone starts telling you a story, and they get interrupted and never finish? It’s terrible! What happened? Please don’t leave me hanging here like this. I can’t handle half stories.

For those in the 40 & up range, do you remember watching your favorite TV show, and it would get to a huge climax right as the episode came to an end? The dreaded words would appear…”To Be Continued…” We would wail, “No, no, no!!! It can’t be true!” And then die slow deaths realizing that we had to endure the entire week in suspense. Thank goodness we’ve overcome such difficulties in life. Netflix, you’re the best.


I am realizing I wrote about some things that were coming, and left you all hanging, with nary a comment afterwards. Maybe you’ve seen me and asked about said things. Or maybe it just wasn’t as suspenseful as I imagined it to be. Either way, I’m going to try to avoid the whole “To Be Continued” thing.

Here’s a couple of cliffhangers I’m addressing for you today…

I shared about my 30th high school reunion back in March, and how I couldn’t believe it was real. What I didn’t get around to telling you is how incredibly fun it was – I’m so glad I went. There was a lot of stories and amends and reminiscing and healing and laughter. And some drinking. The guy that I had a major crush on was in attendance, with his beer belly, balding head and asshole demeanor. Glad that he was the one that got away…whew.


Yes, vodka tonics were involved.


Please don’t ask me who all these people are – all I know is that we had lots of fun!

One classmate shared how she always admired my hair and nails and that her goal in high school was to have her hair as perfect as mine. She remembered this and told me 30 years later. I sort of felt like a legend. That comment alone was worth the airline ticket.

See, I feel so much better now. You are no longer holding your breath wondering how this event turned out. My encouragement would be to GO TO YOUR REUNIONS. It was awesome and I look forward to the next one.


Actually, the reunion was part of a bigger trip I took this summer – a few days of which were spent with my kids in NYC. We went over budget (no joke, it’s all your fault, Soho) and didn’t get to do even half of the stuff we had mapped out. It was hot and sweaty and exhausting and expensive and every bit as fun as I predicted it would be here.


Me, Kelsey and Morgan. Smiling. Because air conditioning.

We ate and drank and shopped and saw sights and subwayed like pros (yes, subwayed is a word I just made up: subwayed. verb. to travel by subway, past tense).

It will probably be another 5 years and not July when we go again. Yes, I live in Florida, but I basically never go outside in the summer unless I can be near a large body of water in which to immerse myself. For some reason, the phrase “it’s only a few blocks from here” did not register and we thought that traveling ON FOOT would be acceptable. Which it clearly was not. My recommendation is to purchase the unlimited Metro card, plan only 2 things each day, and triple your budget. And avoid July.

So with those events sufficiently concluded, I know I’ll sleep better. I’ll bet you will too.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

P.S. Next week I’ll tell you all about the new guy, Cal (he’s a step up from Al). Stay tuned (which is clearly not the same as “To Be Continued”). And if you don’t want to miss out, subscribe to receive my blog posts in your inbox. Because I figured out how to make it easy for you to do just that.


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