His name is Cal

Humor helps the world go ’round. It helps tense family situations. It helps stressful work environments. I heard about some folks that work at a bomb squad that like to frequently prank each other. I’m okay with an occasional harmless prank, but wow, can you imagine?

Humor is helping me as I surrender my life once again to higher math. You may recall Al – the one who was consuming all of my time a while back (you can read more about him here and here). I really should just refer to him as Algebra since we’re not together anymore. I spent three whole semesters with that guy. It was one of those relationships that just got off to a rough start which then made it last longer than I intended. He totally wrecked my summer, but then we made peace in the fall and ended on a good note. I’m so glad I’ve moved on.

There’s a new guy this semester. His name is Cal. It’s weird, because I think he and Al are cousins or something. The traits that really made Al so difficult are presenting themselves again with Cal. I learned how to adjust, which may just prove to my advantage. I’m mature enough to sit back and pay attention. No need to jump to conclusions yet.

After all, this is still pretty new, and I want to give this some time (12 more weeks to be exact). So far, I’m not sure if I like him. And I’m not really sure if he likes me. The time I spend with him passes by quickly, and I don’t necessarily dread hanging out with him. I am definitely not ready to declare love or anything even remotely close to that. Let’s just say it feels like we’re off to a decent start.

We have a big date tomorrow night, and I’m feeling a little bit of pressure. I guess I will spend some extra time preparing for our special evening. I have some idea of what we’ll be doing, but it’s a bit of a mystery too. The challenge is that I won’t even get any feedback until I see him again on Thursday. I’ll just be as ready as I can be and hope and pray for the best! Maybe a little love note will help? I don’t think he’ll mind if I share it with you…

Dear Cal,
It’s interesting getting to know you. I hope you understand that I don’t have a great history with guys like you. I’m trying to be open to what you have to offer. Thanks for being patient with me, and I’ll try to stay focused and committed to our semester together. I really hope it’s okay that I call you Cal and not Calculus. You are really intimidating, but I’m trying to be brave. Thanks for listening.
See you Tuesday,

Thanks for reading. I hope this brought you some humor. And if not, maybe a smidge of gratitude that you are not dating Cal this semester.

See you next time!



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