Who am I right now?

So I’m feeling a bit nervous. Not because of some small event that’s about to take place. Not because I’m gonna do karaoke or something little. I’m about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. And so are my kids. All three of us. At the same time.


I’ve lost my ever loving mind.


It’s my oldest daughter’s birthday. The 23rd doesn’t bring much excitement. So we – meaning me – decided that skydiving would be a great way to commemorate this occasion.

The cool part is that we are doing this together. But I’ve had a lot more years to consider such activity. A lot more years of responding, no thanks, whenever it’s come up in conversation. A lot more years to firmly embed the legitimate protest of such fear-inducing feats.

I know people who are jump junkies: Sam, Mark and John. They have asked me about jumping for many years. My answer has consistently been – No, definitely not.

Here is the conversation that went down when I called my friend Sam earlier this week.

Me: Hey Sam, it’s Sherri. I need to see what the possibilities are for skydiving this weekend. 

Sam: I’m sorry, who is this?

Me: It’s Sherri from the church. 

Sam: Yeah, I don’t believe this. You said you would NEVER jump. 

Me: Yes, I know I’ve said that. My daughters want to jump. And it’s Kelsey’s birthday. And I don’t think I’m gonna just watch from the ground while they jump. Especially if I’m paying for this. So if it works out, we are all gonna jump. 

Sam: You are gonna love it! It’s life changing.

Me: …..


Fast forward to today. We are at the hanger. We have seen 3 groups go up and come down. There was a mix-up with the special pricing on which we had agreed. Then we all decided we wanted video. There are only so many videographers. The plane engine has to cool off for 20 minutes between flights. For lots of various reasons, we are delayed, and it’s no big deal. I can keep waiting here all day.

But no! I came to face my fears. The excitement that my children have is almost contagious. And who wants to be outdone by their kids? Not me. I’m gonna jump! Or fall. Or hurl myself.

Or maybe just hurl.


Kelsey is an adventurer – and I knew she would love this. She found out about her little birthday activity as we were driving to the airport. She didn’t have too much time to get nervous – or comfortable. But she’s thrilled – and totally excited to do this. What better way to spend your birthday?

The younger, Morgan, has been wanting to do this for a while now. This is the kid who climbed out of her crib before she could walk. And flew on a trapeze for hours at a time. Total adrenaline junkie. She’s gonna be hooked on this. How lucky for her that she gets to benefit from her sister’s birthday?

How did I end up in this plan? It was easier to accept the fact that I was gonna have to jump with them. They would have badgered me non-stop. I could not handle being called a chicken all day long. I have my pride. It’s always a challenge when you’re outnumbered.

Honestly, they keep me young and I LOVE that.

It’s time to get out harnesses on. And meet the video people. And learn how to not die. Stay tuned for the “post jump” story (optimism, right?)!

Thanks for reading, til next time!

PS – Sorry for the cliff hanger. There’s too much for one post. And this seems like a good place to leave you 🙂


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