Ain’t scared of nothin’ now…

Sorry that I left you hanging. It was too much for one post, and obviously I lived, or the pre-jump post would not have been published.

Here’s something funny that didn’t occur to me until now. After we met our videographer, got all harnessed, took lots of before pictures (you know, in case), we headed to the tarmac. We were not allowed to walk out without our guide holding our harnesses because of the dangers of walking near an open prop plane.

That’s just damned funny, don’t you think?

I just signed an 11 page waiver, initialing no less than 63 times. It basically said, “I’m an idiot for doing this and I won’t sue anyone if I get hurt or die.” And they are going to get all worried about my risk of injury in getting IN the plane?

I’m glad they were worried. I already paid a fortune and still hadn’t done anything exciting. I wonder what kind of crazed adrenaline junkie caused them to create such a policy in the first place?

We boarded in reverse jump order. We decided I would jump first, then Kelsey, then Morgan (birth order, seemed logical at the time). There were 9 in our party, we 3, each with our own guide and our own video/photographer.

There were also 3 solo guys who had fancy jump suits and clearly knew what they were doing. I’m sure they were annoyed entertained with us. We were pretty punchy after sweating our butts off all afternoon.

Kenny and I got all buckled in together. He said we would be closely linked. That’s good, as he was the one with the parachute. He also said I would think he owed me a dinner afterwards. Friends, that’s close. It was kinda weird. Next time (if there is one) I’ll choose a handsome guide and then it will seem like a date.

The plane ride up made me a little queasy and I honestly thought I would lose my lunch. But we got all the way up (14,000 feet) and then it was time to head out.

Literally. The falling out of the plane was the scariest part. I couldn’t breathe. It was loud. It was cold. I just screamed but it was so loud no one heard me. Taylor, my video girl was hi-fiving me and I was playing along. The pictures look like I’m smiling but I’m really terrified. This is a natural effect of falling at 120 mph. The photographers count on this.


Once the parachute opened, I could catch my breath and began to just enjoy the scenery. There were little rain clouds off in all directions, but it was beautiful and sunny where we were. It was lovely. The parachute was my favorite. I should have kissed it when we landed safely all of 7 1/2 minutes later.

The landing was no big deal. We all arrived very safely on the ground, smiling and happy to see each other and Mother Earth again. I have never been so relieved in all my life. In fact I’m shaking a little bit just reliving the experience.

It’s true what they say. Sky diving is most definitely life changing.

Both of my kids loved it and can’t wait to go again. Morgan wants to get certified so she can jump often and by herself. Kelsey said it was the best gift ever.

Me? I’m not sure I’ll jump again. Now I know what to expect, which doesn’t necessarily make it more comfortable.

BUT…I can do anything now. Giving a speech? Learning a new skill? Handling Calculus? No big deal, man. I have done the scariest thing I can think of, and lived to tell.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,



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