He brought me roses*…

I think I am beginning to understand how relationships work. Time + effort + sacrifice = happy feelings.

Since I am single, and I seem to spend all of my free time doing homework, I just call it “dating” whatever class in which I find myself enrolled (you can read more about Al(gebra) here and here). This semester his name is Cal(culus) – you can read about him here. And though he intimidates the crap out of me, I am determined to make it work.

It’s only 16 weeks y’all. It’s not like I’m getting married. I can handle anything for 16 weeks.

I go to class twice each week. I do all of the homework. I spend extra time getting ready for the big date nights (tests). But alas, it was painful after our first one. When I got a 68, it became clear that we were not getting along as well as I believed.

Basically, Cal had me in tears and it was my own fault.

He is who he is, and I have to adjust. Relationships are not supposed to be inflexible like this, but Cal, he’s pretty straightforward. It’s either right or wrong, black or white, all or nothing; there’s no compromising with him. I am the one who has to make it work.

So, like any wise woman who needs to get through the semester, I took an inventory and made adjustments. He needed me to slow down, and I did. He needed me to spend more time with him, and I did. I chose to eliminate distractions and sacrifice other things that were getting in the way of our relationship. And guess what happened because of those efforts?

He brought me roses, 2 dozen lovely red, long-stemmed beauties. Or the “I’m dating my math class” equivalent*. Here, I’ll show you…


Isn’t this just lovely?

I mean, after the first test being so awful, I could say I deserved this. Doesn’t every girl get roses after she cries?

Maybe, maybe not. Reason stands to show that I also deserved the other score (the painful 68 that I just can’t even photograph, because of all the tears).

Girls, this is better than roses. This is not a subjective show of affection. This is a flat out reward for time well spent. This was me taking Cal seriously, and putting in the effort. I earned this!

Apparently, in math and in relationships, commitment and devotion matter. There are 9 weeks to go, so it’s far from finished. I just feel like Cal and I are beginning to understand each other. Or maybe I’m just understanding him. Which frankly, I don’t care if he understands me. That is not part of the equation, at least in this relationship (see what I did there?).

Being on a happy streak with Cal doesn’t mean I’m ready to date a real person or anything. It would have to be someone way more flexible. And Cal would get super jealous. I don’t want to ruin a good thing while I’ve got it.

Thanks for reading, until next time…


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