Shall we meet – or not?

I hope I didn’t keep you on pins and needles too long. This dating stuff takes time, but I’ve compiled a few tales worth telling. Here are some “fun” initial encounters – or – near encounters. If you’re sleepy, this narrative of the past few weeks is sure to help.

The initial screening process proved to be challenging. The next obvious step is to actually talk / text enough to meet in person – phase two of the dating process ordeal. While everyone has their own pace, I prefer meeting sooner than later. No reason to stay virtual.  Meeting IRL could conjure laughter or tears, or both. Remember the masks?

Guy number one – let’s give them letters shall we? He shall be Guy A. He joined me at the beach for sunset one evening. No pressure. Also, no chemistry. When he shared that he was retired, I naturally asked what he did all day. His reply of, “I’m just taking it easy…” left me dumbfounded. Anyone who is young (y’know, my age) and wealthy enough should exercise his freedom to do this very thing. However, I would drive him crazy with my intensity and ambition. And he would drive me crazy with the whole “I did nothing today”. So, no hard feelings. Plus he wore sneakers and not flip flops. To the beach. We are clearly incompatible. Next.


Guy B. As in bye, before we even said hello. We had planned to go fishing from his kayaks. Btw, I’m pretty much a dream date for any guy who likes to fish (I know how to bait a hook, cast the line and get the fish off all by myself. My dad taught me right). Guy B kept insisting that I come to his house and then we would ride together to a great fishing spot. I finally convinced him that we would meet at the dock. Bad weather caused a change in plans – from fishing – to dinner out. He began to repeat the “meet me at my place and we’ll go from there” routine. Um, no. Internet Dating 101 – always meet in a safe place. So I did what any smart lady would do. I bailed and lived to tell about it. Next.

Guy C. I actually had two dates with C –  a Friday lunch and a casual dinner the following Friday. He’s nice, witty, professional, well groomed and educated (no typos). Still a little raw from his last breakup. No chemistry. Friend zone material, which is not a bad place to land. I told him up front that I’m a busy lady, which he admitted that he is as well. I was unavailable for the next three invitations he extended, and I haven’t really heard from him since. I think he’s moved on. It’s weird though, because I feel like there should at least be a conversation. Maybe not? What are the rules again? Next.

Guy D. As in, below average. We had plans for a Friday that changed to Sunday, then he cancelled due to the flu (totally plausible, it is flu season).

Two days later – I get this text.img_5117-1

He’s sure it will work out after meeting them once?

Yikes! Guess I dodged a bullet there. But how nice to let me know and to wish me well. Marvelous manners, sub-par sagacity. Next….

If I do this until I get to Z, and continue writing about it, could it be the next best seller? The Alphabet Dating Chronicles – A Compilation of 26 Horror Stories.

Here’s what I am learning – there are wackos out there. Perhaps this is more work than I realized. I have to have a lot of prospects in the works if I hope to have a date by the weekend (not that it’s a must). People can flake out at anytime. Dating is not for wimps – no joke.

I’m not sure how long I’ll play this game. Not because I am a wimp or afraid, but because it seems to require more energy and time than I am willing to give at this season. Regardless, my goal is to operate with wisdom, discernment and integrity, and to dazzle you all with the adventures as I go.

And perhaps a best seller that turns into a movie, with Sandra Bullock cast as me?

Someone pass the popcorn. Or maybe some tissues.

Thanks for reading, until next time,


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