Art is life is art

You guys, it’s kinda crazy what people get to do to receive college credits. Our last art assignment was to make a collage. You remember those, right? Magazines, scissors, tape, some imagination and slap it all together to tell a story. How much fun is that?

Our professor had stacks of National Geographic magazines, and my friend Leah shared her nature publications. This was perfect as I admire God’s handiwork. I could select any images and place them however I liked. The catch? It had to be something I could actually reproduce with paint.

Despite my lack of experience, I feel like it turned out pretty well. I was happy with the design – I had fun with the angles. My favorite part is the center image from the Hubble Telescope that has been called the Eye of God. And the beach of course.


The hardest part of any project is always beginning with a blank canvas, but here are the steps I followed. Select the images, decide how much space to give each one, where and how they fit together, how they individually bring a sense of cohesion and balance to the overall image.

A blank canvas.

That was me for so many years. I did not know what I liked. Whoever was in my life had full permission to put their ideas and their preferences onto my canvas. Want to go mudding in a 4 wheel drive truck? Sure. Country music? You bet. Whatever he liked, I liked too. My canvas was full alright, but it wasn’t truly mine. That was a long time ago. Thankfully, much has changed for the better.

(Disclaimer: I occasionally listen to country music and I don’t hate 4WD trucks.)

I have discovered who I am. What I like! What works for me and what does not. I may not handle it all as gracefully as I would like, but I’m learning. For example, No is a complete sentence. I no longer feel obligated to spend time, money or energy on things I don’t enjoy. My resources are limited and I cannot afford to waste them. Neither can you.

Now that I know what I actually do like, it seems my canvas isn’t big enough! There are so many things I want to do – places to go – people to connect with – I don’t have the space to do it all. At least, not all on one canvas.

Maybe each day is a collage, and then those days make up the week, then those, the month, and so on. I know not every day is fully balanced, but overall it flows together nicely when I take time to thoughtfully place each component.

Balance, flow, preference, priorities, limits. Hmmm…Is this really a philosophy class disguised in acrylics?

Perhaps. Either way, it’s a fun way to earn those credits.

My challenge to you is this: get some magazines and make a collage for yourself. I think they are called Vision Boards now or something fancy-schmancy like that. Spend time reflecting on what you’ll include, and what you’ll leave out. See how it all fits together and then admire the final product.

And if you’re adventurous, you’ll paint it.

Thanks for reading, until next time,




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