There’s no pre-season in college

One of my best childhood memories is of my cousins teaching me about football. With my Dad’s entire family growing up within a 10 mile radius, there were lots of mandatory gatherings. My options were to “play dolls” with my girl cousins (and my younger sister who I already saw in plentiful amounts) – or – pal around with Todd and Jeff and my older boy cousins.

It wasn’t even a hard decision.  We either watched the big game or when the weather permitted, we held our own outside. Surprisingly, I did not suffer any broken bones, but benefited greatly from their instruction.

Thanks to them, I know terms like pass interference, 3rd and 9, and even what constitutes holding. Okay, so I don’t necessarily know who was traded or drafted or benched, who is coaching, or which teams are where. (Did I hear that LA just landed another team?) I just know how to follow along while the actual game is happening. It’s a great skill and one that everyone should possess. There’s nothing like an appropriate battle cry of, “What? He was totally off-sides! What is wrong with that ref?” It makes a girl feel like she belongs in these too often male-dominated events.


The great players probably don’t do a lot of lounging in the off season. My guess is they are on the field running drills or in the gym lifting weights or something to keep themselves in shape. Especially the pros. After all, it’s not like they have another job to interfere with their physical maintenance plan.

Y’all, I should have been training this summer. No, not for football. For college.


School started about two weeks ago, and I am feeling the pain of it. Not bumps and bruises like your average linebacker, but like an almost fifty year old college student who went from zero to four classes.


It’s downright painful, and the only thing to do is keep at it until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Also, there is this beautiful thing in professional football called preseason games. You know, giving the players ample time to warm up and feel it out. Let’s all have some low pressure time on the field to remember what in love of pigskin we are even doing.

I think I’ll ask if the professors could implement a similar thing. Bomb the first quiz? Totally forget to post that first assignment? It’s okay, it’s just preseason work. We won’t hold it against you. If big, strong, tough professional athletes get this courtesy, I think it’s an idea worth spreading into the league of academia.


Seriously, I love school. I am just not sure how wise it was for my grey matter to be laying around like a slug all summer. I took the whole, “give my brain a break thing” quite seriously, you guys. I vegged out hard from anything that was even a little bit cerebral.

Alas, it’s Labor Day weekend. I’ve got a little cushion in the agenda. I have already made time for craft brews with the guys, errands and lunch with the kiddo, and a long power walk with a good friend. If the weather holds, I’ll go play on a boat before returning to the grind on Tuesday. I’ll still get my assignments in and be ready for the week ahead, don’t you worry. I’ve got this!

I’m pretty sure even the pros get a day off in season, and so will this girl.

Thanks for reading, until next time,




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