Not looking down

Below are statements that could be contributing to my feeling of overwhelm. Choose the one that is the MOST true:
A) I am a student at an actual University now (not a Community College).
B) It’s my Junior year, meaning upper level classes.
C) I’m taking more classes this semester (four, not the usual two).
D) My brain is older than it used to be.
E) There was a hurricane, traveling, and a major project at work.
F) All of the above

Yep, you guessed it. F is for _____. Congrats! You score 100% on the quiz for today.

Keeping up with all of this is no joke. It’s like walking on a high wire. If I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and try not to look down, I’ll get across. If I keep this up, I could very well be mistaken for one of the Wallendas.


Nic Wallenda on his Grand Canyon walk. Nic lives in SRQ.

Why am I not binge watching Netflix? Why am I not winning at Solitaire? Why did I pass up free movie tickets that expire Saturday?

Because I have to be super intentional about what I put on my schedule. And really focused on the goal and what this is all about. I am after a Bachelor’s degree, it’s that simple.

Some will say that I should be after the education. This is understandable. It certainly sounds more noble. However, one can get education anywhere. I’m pretty sure we can learn practically anything on YouTube (it’s 4 minutes and you deserve a chuckle).

Nope, it’s not just education. It’s most certainly the degree that I want. Many have asked why. I have asked myself that very same question (especially after taking 3 exams in the past 24 hours).

Because I want to know that I can do it. I want to be able to hang a diploma on a wall. I want it to have MY name on it. In a fancy font. With a seal. Under a framed piece of glass. It’s a personal goal, and it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone but me.

There is still an education to be had. I am learning a lot about myself and the world around me through the process of being in school. I am learning who I am and what I can achieve. I am learning what I bring to my environments, whether at work, school or in the supermarket. It’s just another layer of growing and learning, and I happen to love every bit of that.

Economic and Business Statistics II – with a terrible professor? Not so much, but it comes with the territory. I am a smart, hard-working gal and I can do this.

So yes, it’s a challenge. And I may whine from time to time about the lack of beach time. But I am a willing participant in this. No one is twisting my arm to continue. And it’s a season. Only ten more weeks to go until Christmas break.

One more question for you. How will Sherri will spend her time this weekend?
A) Homework and more homework
B) Having time with friends and family
C) Having time with my mentor, and the teen that I mentor.
D) Watching a sunset on the beach
E) Completing a painting project and starting another
F) All of the above

If you guessed F, you are correct! F is for focus. Prioritizing what matters is the secret to balance while working hard towards my goals. December of 2019 is my intended graduation date, and it will arrive whether I’m working hard – or goofing off.

I’ll choose to look out beyond the horizon, preferably from this view.
I’m just not looking down.

Thanks for reading, until next time,



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