Setting my own pace

giphyRunning isn’t for me. Not on a track or treadmill, at least not in this season. But there is this other kind of running to which I seem to be addicted. Running around like there’s no tomorrow. It seems that I’m not happy unless I have a giant list of things to do. Therefore, I continually have such a list in process.

I love crossing things off of my list. I know that I am a human being, not a human doing. But I feel such a great sense of accomplishment in the doing. In the crossing it off. Sometimes I will do a task that’s not on the list. But then go back and write it in – for the sole satisfaction of crossing it off. It’s sick, I know. It’s okay to fess up if you are in this club with me.

I just finished my Spring semester (a week early) and now I get to breathe.  No projects, no homework, no classes! One would think that I have safely put away my pen and pad, but no. I actually had to use an entire sheet of notebook paper for my personal to-do list. I’ve been putting off a number of things until summer.


Except the summer plan has been revised.

Instead of lounging and loafing until August, I’m taking 4 classes which begin in 3 weeks. Instead of losing my momentum, I’m gonna keep it going. Instead of graduating in December of 2019, I’m going to finish my degree in May. In one year, I’ll be trying on a cap ‘n gown.

Yes, I consulted my advisor on this. All of my classes are online, with amazing professors. They are either interesting electives or totally in my wheelhouse (two are writing classes, and zero math!). Don’t fret, I’ve got this.

I was asked recently why I needed to be busy. This is a valid question.

I want to make the most of my time. I want to feel like I didn’t waste anything. The time off to pursue my personal tasks will vanish if I don’t use it well. Personal interests are equally (or more) important than school deadlines. Taking care of myself, so that I can do all the things, means making priorities. It means making wise use of my time and energy. Making a list helps me do this.

You’ve read that I know the value of balance and downtime. Part of my break between semesters involves a cruise with my daughters and one of my besties. Other items on my time-off list? Time in a kayak, time on the beach, time with a couple of good books, time in the art studio, and extra time on my yoga mat.


And let’s not forget about Prince Charming. Yes, he’s definitely in the picture. In fact, there’s room for TWO date nights this week instead of just one.

So yes, I’m enjoying life at a healthy clip. I’m running in the right directions for the right reasons, and incorporating some stops to breathe along the way. So make a list. Set your priorities. Know what’s important for you at this season. And if you need extra inspiration to not procrastinate, here’s one of my favorite people who can explain it better than I ever could.

When you need to stop and catch your breath, it’s okay. And if you want to keep going, it’s okay. And at any given time, make adjustments as needed. It’s okay to slow down or speed up. After all, it’s your race. Run it at the pace that feels right for you.

Thanks for reading, until next time…





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