Carry it well!

Three glorious weeks of non-school life was absolutely amazing. It was a brief season to catch up, rest, play, socialize, paint, relax and do all the things that I can’t do when staring down the barrel of homework and assignments.

My philosophy is that whatever you’re doing, do it full on. If you’re at work, then buckle down, focus and get sh*t done. And when you’re on vacation, relax and enjoy. Seriously. Like, have pizza and cheeseburgers and dessert. Oh, and lots of margaritas. Whatever you do, please, don’t check your emails or any of that nonsense.


I recommend wearing an obnoxious blue hat that almost matches your outfit, but not quite. I clearly ignored the well intended protests from my fashionista daughters.


And then look at us just one day later, all rested and relaxed with a little sun on our pale bodies. Oh, and some makeup and hair products helped our glam.

It was only a 4 day, 3 night cruise, but it was perfect. The cruise was in the middle of a full week of no work, and that was within the 3 weeks between semesters. I needed all of that. It was valuable time to clear my head, catch up, reset, and prepare to hit the ground running.

And it’s a good thing, cuz summer classes are no joke, mama.

The hope behind intense (6 week) summer classes is that there is less fluff and only solid meaningful assignments. I’m not sure that my professors shared this hope. There were 14 assignments in one class. The other had 2 hours worth of lectures and 3 chapters to read (all that for the first week!). But after about 12 not-so-fun hours, Week 1 is complete.

I am determined to have a life – even during my school-life. I can’t possibly endure a solid 12 weeks (okay, 11 more) of no fun. I am a big fan of balance and wellness, and this phrase is helping me so much.

louholtz1-2xI can carry a helluva lot, and my guess is that you can too. But how do we carry it?

Do we bemoan our list of responsibilities? Do we gain some kind of sick honor by being so busy we don’t have time to relax? Do we complain about our busyness as we continue to add more to our schedules? Yes, yes and yes. I have been guilty of all of these.

But no longer. My life is full, but it is also quite wonderful. I choose my schedule and my commitments. And so do you. We all get to choose what goes on our calendars (well, okay, so maybe I don’t love scrubbing the tile in my bathroom, but I love the result, so I do it anyway). So how are you choosing to spend your time and energy? How do you want your days and weeks and months to be spent?


Mary Oliver says it so well. And yes, I happen to love Brainy Quote. In case you were wondering.

My plan is to live a full and wonderful life while working toward my goals. It’s not that hard, but it would be impossible if I didn’t first become intentional about it.

So I’ll be over here enjoying some beach time, lunch dates, evenings out, and some time in the studio. Right after I finish giving that tile a scrub.

What are your strategies for getting it all done? Any great techniques to pass along? What works for you?

Thanks for reading, until next time,




One thought on “Carry it well!

  1. Yes, yes, and check the box. Finally balance:]
    Lol! Scrubbing the kitchen floor tile. A section a day. 5 th day as Cinderella and I LOVE the result. Clean! Freak ! What me?
    Not a huge quote gal but I am putting Mary Oliver’s down on my “Words” list on my phone.
    Thanks for sharing. Love you! Leah


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