Braving new frontiers

One of the greatest things ever is when you can truly be proud of your kids. If you don’t like to hear of people bragging about their offspring, then you are officially excused from reading any further.

Daughter #1 has been facing unemployment due to corporate restructuring.

Daughter #2 just boarded a jet and flew across the Atlantic for the first time. Solo.

Daughter #1 had to deal with some not-so-fun realities. These include updating a resume (okay I may have helped with that one), applying for jobs everywhere, showing up for interviews, discerning if something was a waste of her time or a worthwhile pursuit. All the while maintaining a roof over her head, food in the frig and confidence in her step. Okay I may have helped a bit with those also. She did not choose this adventure, and she had to figure out how to take care of herself.

Daughter #2 had to work out a whole lotta logistics. These include how to get the time off work and have enough cash to do this giant trip. Then, how to get a week’s worth of essentials in a smallish backpack (I’ve seen her take more for an overnight if we’re being honest here). She arranged the entire trip including in country flights and Airbnb’s in Barcelona, Mallorca, and Paris. She chose this adventure, and she had to figure out how to take care of herself.

Daughter #1 had to rediscover her strength and her worth in the face of an unknown future.

Daughter #2 had to exercise discipline to save and plan. And handle navigation which is not exactly her strong suit.

Daughter #1 has thankfully landed a new (and better!) job and starts in a week. She will tell you that she has learned a lot about living lean and humility and persistence.

Daughter #2 has thankfully landed in Mallorca, Spain and has the rest of the week to explore new places and cultures. My guess is that she is learning a lot about living lean and humility and perspective.

These two daughters of mine continue to amaze me daily. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for their hearts and heads. They meet the challenges of life – whether by their choice or by unwanted circumstance – with courage and grace. They don’t back down. They don’t shy away. They know who they are and what they want and what they need.

Some will say that they take after me. While I would like to think that is somewhat true, I know that each of us has to look in the mirror and decide how to handle what is in front of us. No matter what I may or may not have modeled for them, they each recognize that they’ve got what it takes.

What more can a momma ask for?

Told ya I was gonna brag.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 9.22.52 PM

Photo Credit Kristina Holman



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