Bad ass baby girl

There are so many crazy ways to get an adrenaline rush. Roller coasters. Virtual reality roller coasters. Skydiving. Virtual reality skydiving – or even simulators that let you “fall” in a wind tunnel for a few (rather pricey) moments. Motorcycles.

I’m not sure if there’s a virtual reality motorcycle that would work for my daughter. I doubt she considered it for even a second.

Nope. This child of mine has been seeking adventure since before she could walk. She climbed out of her crib before her first steps. She climbed trees that were 30′ higher than the roof. She was an actual circus performer for several years and did usual circus things like flying trapeze and climbing up silks. She’s basically fearless.

So what does a mother do when her precious baby girl buys herself a Ninja 400?

The first thing is to recognize this kid is not a kid. She’s an actual adult. At 21, she’s holding down 2 jobs rather well and lives completely on her own. She’s working on college and has an internship lined up for this semester. She manages her life, her schedule and most of her own expenses.

With all of that, I’d say she can do what she wants. And she has wanted this for a long time. And now she’s got it.

As a mom, of course I gave the expected commentary about safety and other drivers and such. We stacked the insurance to provide additional coverage. Beyond that, I pray for her safety as I’ve done for her (and her sister) since day one.

And that’s it. I’m proud of her for having the moxie to live her life on 2 wheels if she wants. I’m proud to be in a community that cares if she’s got a helmet (yes and it’s a really good one).

I’m proud of myself too. I’m not standing in her way. I’m not allowing my fear to alter her choices. I’m not allowing this to put a wedge in our relationship.

I’m also increasing the frequency of my hair appointments. The gray seems to be coming in faster these days.

How do you deal with your loved ones when they are doing things that terrify you? I’d love to learn any tips or tricks or mantras. Or is it just Xanax?

Thanks for reading, until next time,


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